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Dignity & Respect Oversight Group

Dignity & Respect Oversight Group

Page Updated: 2nd August 2022

The establishment of the EDI Dignity and Respect Oversight Group is one of the key recommendations of the Dignity and Respect Review Report which was approved by the UMT on 28 April 2021 and endorsed by the Governing Authority on 13 May 2021. The purpose of this group is to oversee the implementation of the Bullying and Harassment policy, Sexual Misconduct policy for students and employees and set of recommendations as per the Dignity and Respect Review Report which have now been translated into a Dignity and Respect implementation plan. It will be the responsibility of this group to monitor this cultural change, to embed it into the fabric of the University and to report on progress to the senior management and Governing Authority of the University.

The Dignity and Respect Oversight Group was established in October 2021. This group will provide oversight and guidance and enhance transparency around bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct. The membership of the group meets the gender balance requirement and is representative of categories of employees, students, areas and minority groups across UCD. There is also external representation from expert groups.

Sub-groups or Working Groups of the Dignity and Respect Oversight Group will be established over time to enable the group to undertake its work to include but not limited to: Data Monitoring and Environmental Assessment sub-group, Student sub-group and Employee sub-group.

The group will meet once every quarter or more frequently if required. Sub-groups may meet more frequently outside of the quarterly group meetings.

The Dignity and Respect Oversight Group will report to the EDI Group and UMT on a quarterly basis and annually to the Governing Authority. An annual report will be prepared and submitted annually to the EDI Group, UMT and GA.


  • Professor Aoife Ahern - Chair, UMT Member
  • Prof. Jason Last - Dean of Students
  • Rory Carey - Director, Culture & Engagement
  • Marcellina Fogarty - Strategic EDI Manager
  • Lynn Foster - SECCA Manager
  • Aisling O’Grady - Head of Student Advisers
  • Molly Greenough - Student Union Welfare Officer
  • Richard Butler - Clubs and Societies Officer
  • Aishling Kennedy Dalton - Estate Services Manager (Residents)
  • Prof Torres Sweeney - Vice-Principal for EDI Representative
  • Julian Bostridge  - Legal Representative
  • Dr Declan Fahie  - Academic Expert Representative
  • Mark Simpson  - Communications Project Lead
  • Denise Gallagher  - Training Project Lead
  • Paul Kavanagh  - Employee/Ethnic Minority Representative
  • Sulagna Maitra - School of Archaeology - Social Sciences & Law
  • Lorraine McHugh - Employee and Disability Representative
  • Prof Emma Sokell - Head of School Representative
  • Andy Myler  - Estate Services Representative
  • Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shuilleabháin  - Employee Representative
  • Ann Marie Gill - Chairperson of DRCC
  • Jennifer McCarthy Flynn - National Women’s Council
  • Catherine Tormey - Senior Dignity & Respect Support Advisor
  • Ruth Harrison - D&R Support Colleagues Rep
  • Conor Buggy - LGBTI Staff Network Representative

Further information

Learn more about Dignity & Respect in UCD on the Dignity & Respect website.

Any queries can be directed to (opens in a new window)edi@ucd.ie.

Contact UCD Equality Diversity and Inclusion

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
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