UCD Report and Support Tool

Report and Support Tool

Students, staff and visitors to UCD can now report issues of a Dignity & Respect nature anonymously through the UCD Report and Support tool. This is an important new initiative which provides the opportunity for members of the University community and others to make the University aware of incidents of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment that have been experienced or witnessed, without the need to identify oneself or disclose sensitive and personal details.

This tool has been developed in recognition that not all those experiencing bullying, harassment or sexual harassment feel able to come forward to make a formal complaint or engage in an informal means of resolving an issue of this nature.

This tool is the first of its kind in an Irish Higher Education Institution and forms part of the wider Dignity and Respect framework in the University. This initiative will play a key role in supporting the implementation of the University strategy “Rising to the Future” as well as the UCD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy where the University in its commitment to continue to promote a culture of dignity and respect and wellbeing for all, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination. 

Statistical data relating to the anonymous reports made through the Report and Support tool for the first three months and formal Dignity and Respect complaints over the three-year period 2017/18 – 2019/20 can be found here: Anonymous Reporting Report.  

Why Report Though This Tool?

The information provided through the Report and Support tool will be valuable for the University as it strives to create a culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and is free from discrimination. The information will be collated and analysed to enable UCD to take steps to support the elimination of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.

Options and Supports

The UCD Report and Support website also contains information on a range of supports and formal an informal options for resolution of issues related to bullying, harassment or sexual harassment available to the University community, including Student Advisers, Dignity & Respect Contact Persons, the Employee Assistance Programme and the Mediation process. Those who are experiencing issues or have witnessed incidents of this nature are encouraged to review the UCD Dignity and Respect policy and procedure.