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Confidentiality Statement

UCD Student Advisers are committed at every level and in all aspects of the service they offer to provide a confidential service to all students who are seeking support.

Student Advisers will keep short notes of student meetings and other interactions. This information will be held securely and for a period of three years after students leave the University. Records can be deleted on request. This means that:

  • Information will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the university without the express permission of the student, with some exceptions (see below).
  • In order that we can provide the best possible support to students, it may occasionally be necessary for the Student Advisers to disclose information to other UCD Student support professionals and the Student Adviser will make the receiving party aware of its confidential nature. 


Confidentiality cannot always be absolute and in certain circumstances UCD Student Advisers reserve the right to share information should this be deemed necessary.

These rare circumstances may include:

  • If information is disclosed that may indicate risk to children (under 18) or yourself.
  • If it is believed there is an immediate or urgent risk to someone’s life or health.
  • If you give information which indicates that a crime has been committed.
  • In circumstances where UCD is requested to provide information about you by the Gardai or any other government or judicial body pursuant to a lawful order of a court or under such other legislative or statutory powers as may be applicable to the body.

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