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Any student who becomes pregnant at University is advised to contact their Student Adviser in the first instance. You can find details of your Student Adviser here. Each UCD programme has a dedicated Student Adviser. There is also a Student Adviser for mature students and postgraduate research students. Your Student Adviser can provide you with information about academic, personal and financial supports and help you to develop a plan of action for managing your studies while pregnant and when you return from maternity leave. 

We value your feedback.  If you have any suggestions to help us improve our processes and facilities to support pregnant students and new parents, please email (opens in a new window)student.advisers@ucd.ie.

Depending on your programme, UCD may need to carry out a risk assessment, particularly if you are working with chemicals, going on placement, or doing fieldwork. Your Student Adviser will discuss this with you as part of your plan of action.

If you require an extension, you should discuss this with your Module Coordinator. Alternatively, you may apply for a late submission of coursework due to extenuating circumstances. In such cases, if your application is approved, you will be given a revised submission date and no penalty will be applied. 

UCD allows students to apply for a leave of absence for medical, personal or financial reasons. You will be able to discuss this with your Student Adviser as part of your plan of action to manage your studies. 

UCD’s Leave of Absence policy is explained here.

UCD is breastfeeding-friendly, and there are no restrictions on bottle or breastfeeding at the University. Individuals are entitled to breastfeed in public places and do not have to ask anyone for permission to do so. Should you wish to use the University’s breastfeeding/lactation facilities, you may do so. These facilities are designed to ensure the comfort of those using them.  

Breastfeeding at UCD – UCD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion