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Stress & Coping

Stress and Coping

Every academic programme in UCD has a dedicated Student Adviser who can offer you time and space to explore any issues of concern you may have. We also have specific Student Advisers for Mature Students and Postgraduate Research Students. 

Student Advisers can help you find pathways to deal with personal, social and emotional issues and can advise you about appropriate UCD policies, procedures and services. 

Student Advisers work closely with academic and administrative staff as well as other student support staff to ensure your experience at UCD is as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. 

College can sometimes be stressful. In addition to managing your study you may also be trying to balance a number of other things such as living away from home, cooking, managing tight finances and commuting, caring responsibilities – just to name a few. There may also be family expectations and other pressures to succeed.

It is normal to feel anxiety in certain situations such as starting university or sitting your exams. However, if your anxiety begins to interfere with your coursework or your ability to partake in your usual activities, it may be time to seek extra help. If this feels like you, then please reach out to your Student Adviser or other Student Supports available to you.

Some unforeseen circumstances may fall under the Extenuating Circumstances policy. Details of the Extenuating Circumstances policy can be found here


UCD Student Advisers are not an emergency service. In an emergency, please call 999 or 112 in Ireland. If you are on UCD campus, please dial 01 716 7999.

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