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It’s possible that you may find your circumstances changing to the extent that it longer becomes feasible or desirable for you to continue with your course in UCD. The decision to withdraw can happen for a variety of reasons and the process is designed to be as simple as possible. Once you withdraw from your programme, you stop being a student of UCD from the date you formally submit your withdrawal request.

If continuing on your course is not possible at this time but you would like to return, it’s advisable to explore UCD’s Leave of Absence process in the first instance to see if that is a better fit for your circumstances.

If you wish to go ahead with your withdrawal, you should read UCD’s Withdrawal Procedure page before submitting your request. To formally notify the university of your intention to withdraw, you must complete the relevant application form in SISweb. Although not a requirement, you are advised to get as much advice as you can before submitting your request. You can reach out to your school/college office, Student Adviser or the Student Desk.

Depending on when you withdraw from your programme, there may be significant fee implications, particularly if you wish to start a different programme in the future. If you are in receipt of SUSI support, this may also be affected. You should ensure you are aware of these before proceeding with your withdrawal. You can find more information about the fee implications of withdrawing here