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Technology Enhanced Learning


It is recommended you evaluate both modules and programmes after their completion to ensure that students are getting a high quality learning experience. 

Following through with the ADDIE instructional design model the last stage is evaluation, this phase involves measuring the quality and effectiveness of the learning. The main goal is to determine if the goals have been met and to identify areas to be revised or improved. Typically the process of evaluation occurs during and after module and programme implementation and delivery. Generally, the output from this is an evaluation report with actionable changes for future iterations of the module/programme. 

It is worth noting that the evaluation does not only refer to a blended/online learning module or programme, but is equally relevant across the spectrum of Technology Enhanced Learning, including in face-to-face, web-enhanced and online learning contexts. It may be useful to review our resource pages on programme and module design with particular reference to evaluation. 

In addition, the programme design dialogue tool, inclusive of  module review, is a comprehensive guide which can assist in the review and evaluation of various teaching and learning contexts including blended/online learning. This tool is intended to support all those involved in teaching and learning to self and peer review their modules and programmes for enhancement purposes.