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Why use Rubrics?

To support students in self-regulating and critically evaluating (focus on formative assessment):

  • Provide students with a way to critically evaluate their own and their peers’ performance;
  • to assist for planning for change in their learning (i.e. self-regulate).

To give feedback on learning (focus on formative assessment):

  • Formulate ways to give efficient feedback;
  • Provide feedback the start of a module to help students understand expectations;
  • Collaborate with faculty members in developing a rubric in order to promote shared expectations on learning and grading practices.

 To assist staff in their grading and accountability (focus on summative assessment):

  • Support more reliability in grading, which takes the guesswork out of grading;
  • Define characteristics of high quality assignment. 

Learn More

For benefits and challenges of rubrics see resource on: Designing Grading and Feedback Rubrics