What are the vetting requirements?

Do I need to be Garda Vetted?

You will need to be vetted if you are going to have contact with children or vulnerable adults i.e.

Bullet If you are taking one of the UCD programmes or modules which require vetting.
Bullet If you are participating in UCD Volunteers Overseas.

What happens if I don't have Vetting Clearance?

Bullet You will not be able to attend any programme placements (e.g. schools, hospitals, home visits, clinics) without full clearance
(including any relevant police certificate(s).
Bullet Subsequently, this may prevent you getting exam results, progressing to the next stage and, ultimately, graduating.

What do I have to do?


When you are offered or accept one of the relevant programmes, you will receive an email with details of how to access the Student Vetting Application system via your SIS Web account.


You will need 2 certified valid forms of identity.

  • Photo ID with Date of Birth (Passport or Driving Licence)
  • Address Verification – which must show your name and current Irish address (CAO statement, Bank Statement, Lease for Rental Property, Utility Bill)
    NB Please see Information on who can certify copies

Once your ID has been certified, upload the 2 certified copies to your Vetting Application Checklist.

three If you have lived outside Ireland for six months or more, since the age of 18, you will also need to get a Police Certificate(s) from any country in which you lived.
It can take a while to get these so don't wait until you have an offer to start this, as it is an essential part of vetting.
Your police certificate must also be returned to UCD Registry - Admissions.


Start your application by accessing the Student Application System using the link in your email.

If you are under 18, it must also be accompanied by a parent/guardian consent form.


When we have input your details to the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) system, you will receive an email from evetting.donotreply@garda.ie containing a link to complete the full application.

  • As soon as you receive the link, you should check that we have entered your details correctly and add the additional information required.
  • Then submit the e-vetting form.
  • You can track the progress of your vetting request via the National Vetting Bureau system.

Once your vetting application has been processed by the National Vetting Bureau, a disclosure will be returned to UCD and uploaded to your Vetting Application on the UCD Vetting Application System.

seven When the process is complete, you will then be considered in line with the UCD Student (Garda) Vetting Policy.

How long does it take?

E-vetting invitations issue to your email address as soon as we enter your data in the NVB system. Following completion of the invitation by you, vetting takes 2-3 weeks. You can track your progress through the NVB system.

What other information is available?

Bullet Full regulations are included in the UCD Student Vetting Policy.
Bullet You may also find the Garda Vetting Section of the Frequently Asked Questions page useful
Bullet The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012
Bullet Information about "spent" convictions
Bullet Self-disclosed criminal records
Bullet GDPR Data Processing information

Note some courses also require Health Screening.

Full regulations are included in the UCD Student Vetting Policy.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.
All students must comply with the general regulations of the university.

Please see also UCD's Fitness to Practise Policy