Courses Requiring Vetting

Course TitleCode
Undergraduate Diplomas  
Diploma in Drugs Counselling Theory and Intervention Skills W286
Diploma in Emergency Medical Science X485 carried out by the HSE
Undergraduate Degrees  
DN200 Mathematics and Science Education MATH 10410
DN262 Human Nutrition HMS1
DN400 Medicine MDS2
DN401 Medicine Graduate Entry MDS9
Medicine Penang MDSF
DN410 Radiography MDS4
DN411 Radiography Graduate Entry MDSJ
DN420 Physiotherapy MDS5
DN430 Sports and Exercise Management SMS2
DN450 General Nursing NSS1
DN451 Children's and General Nursing NSS3
DN452 Midwifery NSS4
DN453 Mental Health Nursing NSS8 - previously NSS2
DN600 Law - Human Rights Education Module Law 37410
Mathematics University Ambassadors Scheme MST 30060
Graduate Certificates  
Breast Care Nursing


Cancer Nursing:

  • Adult
  • Children
  • Colorectal



Critical Care Nursing:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Intensive Care



Healthcare Education X665 Sept X666 Jan
Nursing X804
Nursing Advanced Practice X357
Nursing Advanced Practice (Gastroenterology) X727
Palliative Care (Inter) X733
Strategy, Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare X872
Professional Certificates  
Acute Mental Health Interventions X715 Sept X716 Jan
Advanced Breast care Nursing X475
Advanced Health Assessment X707 Sept X708 Jan
Clinical Dermatology (if going on placement) X877
Collective Leadership X870
Comm Nursing: An Applied Approach X712
Elder Abuse Management X710
Enhancing Clinical Practice X758 Sept X777 Jan
Examination of the Newborn X753
Health Assessment X631 Sept X640 Jan
Healthcare Innovation X833
Heart Failure Nursing X776
Lean Six Sigma X826 Oct X827 May
Management of Age-Related Bone & Joint Disorders X775
Management of Intra-articular & Soft Tissue Inject Techniques X785 Sept X738 Jan
Maternal Critical Care X843
Nat Fd Ed Module Critical Care Nursing X823 Sept X824 Jan
Pain Management (Sept start only) X714
Palliative Care Child and Family X711

Prescription of Medication & Ionising Radiation

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Adults and Children


X705 Sept X706 Jan
X678 Sept X679 Jan
X680 Sept X681 Jan

Psycho Impact Chronic Illness X828
Quality, Patient Safety and Outcomes X739
Strategic Leadership Healthcare X834
University Certificates  

Prescription of Medication & Ionising Radiation

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Adults and Children


X691 Sept X692 Jan
X693 Sept X694 Jan
X695 Sept X696 Jan

Graduate Diplomas  
Cancer Nursing: Breast: Adult: Children: Colorectal X546 FT X747 PT
Chronic Illness Management (Nursing) X808 FT X809 PT

Critical Care Nursing

  • Children
  • Cardiovascular
  • Intensive Care


X617 FT X748 PT
X552 FT X744 PT
X547 FT X745 PT

Diabetes Nursing X548 FT X749 PT
Emergency Medical Science - Advanced Paramedic X488 carried out by the HSE

Emergency Nursing

  • Adult
  • Children


X616 FT X751 PT
X615 FT X752 PT

Heart Failure Nursing
Inclusive and Special Education W424
Leading & Innovating in Health Systems X873
Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare X717
Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy X317
Nursing X805 FT
Pain Management X754
Palliative Care X791 FT X792 PT
Peri-Operative Nursing X551 FT X750 PT
Person Centred-Care (Older People) X562 FT X825 PT
Public Health Nursing X035
Radiology X819 – PT
Rheumatology Nursing X554
Professional Diplomas  
Breast Care Nursing


Cancer Nursing

  • Children
  • Colorectal
  • Adult



Health Systems and Health Policy X871
Leadership and Management X700
Nursing Prescription of Medication (Consortium) X641 Sept X642 Jan
Nursing Prescription of Medication with Hth Ass (Consortium) X643 Sept X644 Jan
Principles of ICU Nursing X757
Strategic Leadership Hthcare Improvement & Innovation X835
Master's Degrees  
MSc Advanced Pain Management X720
MSc Advanced Pain Management (Prescriptive Authority) X721
MSc Children and Youth Studies module EDUC43260 Internship depending on placement
MSc Clinical and Diagnostic Biochemistry X874
MA Education module EDUC43260 Internship depending on placement
MA Educational Psychology W094
MSocSc Social Work W174 full time, W175 part time
MSc in Child Art Psychotherapy X348 subject to approval
MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics X723/X820
MSc in Digital Investigation and Forensic Computing F020 full time, F021 part time
MSc in Emergency Medical Science Advanced Paramedic X490 carried out at Graduate Diploma
MSc in Emergency Medical Science Immediate Care X425
MSc Leadership, Innovation and Management for HC X839
MSc Midwifery Practice X704
MSc Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy X318

MSc Nursing



MSc Palliative Care X790
MSc Person-Centred Care (Older Persons) PT X645
MSc Physiotherapy pre-registration X543
MSc Primary Care Mental Health  
MSc Primary Care Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal Medicine  
Professional Masters  
Professional Masters in Education W327
Professional Masters in Physiotherapy X784
Professional Masters in Social Work W426
PhD in Clinical Psychology W324
DPsychSc Clinical Psychology W084
Professional PhD  
Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology W334 full time, W335 part time subject to approval
Occasional Programmes  

CT17 – Trimester 1
CT18 – Trimester 2
CT19 – Trimester 1 & 2

Vetting is also required for UCD Volunteers Overseas  

Full regulations are included in the Garda Vetting Policy.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.
All students must comply with the general regulations of the university.

Please see also UCD's Fitness to Practise Policy and Relevant Offence Risk Assessment Policy


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Note some courses also require Health Screening.