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Arabic - Did you know that Arabic is the official language of 26 states?
LANG10080 - Arabic Gen Purp 1
Chinese - Did you know that Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world?
LANG10020 - Chinese L & C 1
LANG10160 - Chinese L & C 2
LANG20420 - Chinese L & C 3a
English - Did you know that 80% of the world's electronically stored data is in English?
LANG10510 - English for Academic Purposes 4
LANG10040 - English for Academic Purposes 5
LANG10530 - English for Academic Writing 5
LANG20260 - English for Academic Writing 6
LANG10320 - English for General Purposes 5
LANG20150 - English for General Purposes 6
English Language Teaching - Did you know that English is likely to contain the most words of all languages?
LANG10650 - Introduction to English Language Teaching
French - Did you know that French is the official language of 29 countries?
LANG10170 - French Gen Purp 1
LANG10180 - French Gen Purp 2
LANG20330 - French Gen Purp 3a
LANG20340 - French Gen Purp 3b
LANG20440 - French Gen Purp 4
LANG20040 - French Gen Purp 5
LANG20170 - French Gen Purp 6
German - Did you know that German is the most widely spoken language in the EU?
LANG10100 - German Gen Purp 1
LANG10130 - German Gen Purp 2
LANG20350 - German Gen Purp 3a
LANG20450 - German Gen Purp 4
LANG20070 - German Gen Purp 5
Italian - Did you know that the Italian alphabet only has 21 letters?
LANG10010 - Italian Gen Purp 1
LANG10070 - Italian Gen Purp 2
Japanese - Did you know that Anime accounts for 60% of the world’s animation-based entertainment?
LANG10210 - Japanese L & C 1
LANG10200 - Japanese L & C 2
LANG20370 - Japanese L & C 3a
LANG20380 - Japanese L & C 3b
LANG20460 - Japanese L & C 4
Korean - Did you know that Korean is one of the youngest languages in the world?
LANG10660 - Korean Gen Purp 1
Polish - Did you know that Polish has the second largest number of speakers among the Slavic languages?
LANG10150 - Polish Gen Purp 1
Portuguese - Did you know that Portuguese is the offical language of 10 countries?
LANG10670 - Portuguese Gen Purp 1
Russian - Did you know that over a quarter of the world's scientific literature is published in Russian?
LANG10220 - Russian Gen Purp 1
LANG10350 - Russian Gen Purp 2
LANG20430 - Russian Gen Purp 3a
Sign Language - Did you know that approximately 40,000 people in Ireland communicate in ISL?
LANG10640 - Irish Sign Language 1
Spanish - Did you know that, in terms of numbers of native speakers, Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language?
LANG10230 - Spanish Gen Purp 1
LANG10260 - Spanish Gen Purp 2
LANG20390 - Spanish Gen Purp 3a
LANG20400 - Spanish Gen Purp 3b
LANG20470 - Spanish Gen Purp 4
LANG20100 - Spanish Gen Purp 5
Swahili - Did you know that Swahili is the easiest African language for English speakers to learn?
LANG10380 - Swahili Gen Purp 1
LANG10680 - Swahili Gen Purp 2

Modules are offered at six different levels of proficiency, from Level 1 (absolute beginners) to Level 6 (advanced). Each one of these levels broadly corresponds to the widely recognised CEFR Levels for proficiency in language learning. Go to Find Your Language Level to get more information about levels.

Each elective is worth 5 credits. 

To register for language electives on SISweb, please select 'Applied Language Centre' from the drop-down menu under 'Subject Search' (the second search box) on the elective registration tab. You can also enter the module codes above into the first 'Search' box (LANG...).

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