English Language Modules 

The UCD Applied Language Centre offers English for General and Academic Purposes modules for Erasmus, non-EU/Exchange and international non-native English speaking students. These modules can be taken in Autumn or Spring Trimesters and must be taken for 5 credits per module. For Erasmus and non-EU Exchange, they must be taken as part of your learning agreement with your home university. It is not possible to audit these modules. Modules from the list below will run in each semester depending on student uptake. For more information, please see the following links:

Academic English:
LANG 10510 - English for Academic Purposes 4
LANG 10040 - English for Academic Purposes 5
LANG 10530 - English for Academic Writing 5
LANG 20260 - English for Academic Writing 6
 General English:
LANG 10320 - English for General Purposes 5
LANG 20150 - English for General Purposes 6

Why choose an English language elective with the Applied Language Centre?

Placement Tests Spring Trimester 2020/21

All students must take a Placement Test before registering for an English module.

Placement testing is now finished for Spring trimester 2020/21, please email languages@ucd.ie for more information.

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