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Romy Lynch | New York

Romy Lynch | New York

Romy Lynch | New York

Romy Lynch | New York

Romy Lynch is a co-founder of the startup Unflow. Launched in 2019, Unflow’s aim is to make mobile app development smooth and easy using low-code templates for screens, new features and  updates. She graduated from UCD in 2017 with a BE, specialising in Mechanical Engineering. 

1. What made UCD stand out as the place you wanted to pursue your studies?

Well first of all, I grew up just around the corner and always really loved the campus! UCD is also the highest ranked national college for engineering, so it was the obvious first choice.

2. What was your UCD experience like – the social scene, classes, and lecturers? 

It was great, I really liked the structure of engineering where you have a lot of hours with lectures, practicals and tutorials - it means you really get to know your classmates and make friends easily! I also loved languages, and the UCD horizons programme meant that I could study French, Spanish, Italian and Irish too. I was also able to spend a year studying engineering through French at a prestigious Grande École in Lyon, which was an incredible opportunity.

3. You were quite involved with various UCD societies - how important were they to you during your time as a student? 

It was a great way to meet people outside my course, and in other years too. I love acting, so being part of the musical society was great fun.

4. What first sparked your interest in engineering?

I think engineering is a fantastic degree for anyone unsure about what to study - it opens a very wide range of doors and closes none! There was a statistic that I had come across that 70% of CEOs of the Fortune 500 have an engineering degree - it gives you a great basis to go into business as well as super problem-solving skills. 

5. What encouragement could you give to female students considering studying engineering? 

It can definitely be daunting given the large percentage of male students, but do not let that put you off! It is a great degree and opens the door to fantastic career opportunities.

6. How has an engineering degree benefited your career?

The problem-solving and maths skills have really helped me as I’ve gone through my career. I also think that studying engineering has made me more naturally curious, which is really important as an entrepreneur.

7. Have you always had an entrepreneurial streak?

I wouldn’t have considered myself particularly entrepreneurial before getting involved in the startup community, but through meeting more founders like myself I realise I did!

8. What does it mean to you to be a founder in the tech space at such a young age? Does it ever overwhelm you?

I think there are positives and negatives - obviously I’m a lot less experienced than other founders, but that also means I’m less set in my ways and am more open. I’m lucky to have a very strong network of founders of all ages within the YC community (the startup accelerator in which I participated in the US) which I can tap into.

9. What interests you most about your job?

The scope of my work - I literally do every task from sales to product management, customer support and admin. I also love really getting to know our customers, knowing that I’m helping to solve a problem for them.

10. What is the proudest moment of your career to date?

Probably speaking at the Web Summit conference in front of 20,000 people - it was very intimidating and I almost backed out at the last second.

11. Who are the most interesting or helpful mentors or advisors that you have had?

First of all my parents, then investors and other members of the YC community that I mentioned above.

12. What is life outside work like?

As a startup founder a large majority of my life is work, but I really enjoy exercising - particularly pilates and class-based workouts .I also enjoy spending time outdoors and with friends.

13. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

You really have to believe in yourself first and foremost; it’s the basis for everything, especially in the startup world where there are so many people to convince: investors, employees, potential customers, and advisors.

14. Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, ambitious, and analytical.

15. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Michelle Obama, Leonardo Da Vinci, Elon Musk, and Countess Markievicz.

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