Connecting Early Medieval European Collections Seminars: September 2019


6 September 2019: UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy/ CEMEC hosted a seminar, Digital Technologies and Education: Keeping up with the pace of change, in UCD Humanities Institute. This seminar brought together leading specialists in the field of digital culture from UCD and elsewhere. It explored some of the latest European digital interactive research projects, and presented the Connecting Early Medieval European Collections EU project interactive website comprising Cross Cultural Timeline (CCT) utilised as an educational toolkit; animations on Irish medieval travellers; and a virtual online exhibition.

Highlighting the connectivity and diversity among the collections of the early medieval museum collections of the CEMEC partners, the focus of the website is to support research and education and to promote links between the European medieval museum collections bringing a new level of engagement with material past made possible by the innovative employment of digital techniques. The CEMEC website was academically supported by UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy and the National Museum of Ireland and developed by Noho Ltd


13 September 2019: UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy/ CEMEC/ OPW hosted a second collaborative seminar, Role of Digital Technologies in framing policy: Cultural Heritage Education Conservation, at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks. The focus was on cultural heritage and the all-important question the challenges to conservation posed by climate change. As well as up-to-the minute insights into developments in the field, the CEMEC partners launched the Crossroads online exhibition website.