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BDIC Lecturer, Dr Kelly Publishes in Cambridge University Press

Friday, 24 February, 2023

The Roman Aqueduct of Knossos, a Model for 19th-century Design. Annual of the British School at Athens.

The fieldwork was undertaken as part of Amanda Kelly's wider project "Aqueducts of the Greater Iraklio Area (AGIA)" funded by The Gerda Henkel Foundation. In this paper, Dr Amanda Kelly and her colleague, Dr Brendan O'Neill present findings from a field inspection of the Knossos aqueduct undertaken in 2019.


"A key contribution of our fieldwork was the architectural identification of the Roman channel underlying the 19th-century wall of the Ottoman-Egyptian aqueduct supplying Iraklio. While reuse of the Roman aqueduct in the 19th century was known from historical reports, the structural overlap had never been identified in the field or documented archaeologically until now. We recorded the Roman channel lined with opus signinum running along the base of the 19th-century aqueduct’s wall between Fundana and Spilia. Through this realisation in the field, we were able to establish diagnostic styles of masonry for both periods. Our architectural distinction between the overlaid aqueducts allowed us to integrate previously disarticulated components of the later system, like the reused Roman tunnel at Skalani and the 19th-century bridge at Spilia, into an integrated Ottoman-Egyptian water supply for Iraklio. As we approached Knossos from Spilia, we were also able to identify the point at which the Venetian aqueduct supplying Iraklio converged with the Roman system. Consequently, our 2019 fieldwork not only mapped the length of the Roman aqueduct supplying the city of Knossos but also that section of the 19th-century Ottoman-Egyptian aqueduct of Iraklio built directly over it and a shorter tract of the Venetian aqueduct of Iraklio that either ran alongside it, or was, in turn, itself, partially overlaid by the 19th-century system."


The full article can be downloaded from (opens in a new window)Cambridge University Press