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Learning Through English

Learning Through English

BDIC provides an immersive English language environment for its students. The English language modules at BDIC are specifically designed as (opens in a new window)English for Academic Purposes (EAP) modules.

All modules are taught through English.

The English language programme at BDIC is overseen by the UCD Applied Language Centre.

In first year (Stage One) students take modules in ‘English for University Studies’ and ‘English for General Academic Purposes’.  In second year (Stage Two), they continue their academic English journey through the ‘Academic Writing and Communication Skills’ and ‘English for Specific Academic Purposes’ modules.

These modules develop students’ English language proficiency in the context of university study and prepare them for learning, and eventually working later in their careers, in English speaking environments.

In this learning model the skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking are integrated, with the context of the students’ wider learning at the forefront. They are guided in areas such as concurrent note-taking while listening; summarising and synthesising information from different sources; and demonstrating academic integrity. In their assessed work students write about and present on topics within their degree major. They learn to give effective presentations, to engage in seminar-style discussions, and to critically evaluate what they have read or listened to in their writing and speaking.

This English language teaching model is centred around small groups of up to 20 students. This allows teachers to give individualised feedback in office hours, in assignments and in class.

On successful completion of the English language modules in Stages 1 and 2 all students are deemed to have met the UCD English Language Requirements.