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BDIC student secures a UCD College of Science Udergraduate scholorship

BDIC student secures a UCD College of Science Udergraduate scholorship

My name is You Weijiong, and I am a recent graduate from the University College Dublin (UCD), where I earned my undergraduate degree. I am excited to continue my studies at UCD as I pursue a master's degree. My academic journey in the field of network security began at the Beijing Institute of Data Communications (BIDC) from 2019 to 2022, where I developed a strong foundation in this rapidly evolving domain. Through an exchange program, I had the opportunity to study at UCD from 2022 to 2023, broadening my perspective and gaining exposure to international research and practices.


Driven by a passion for knowledge and an ambition to make meaningful contributions in the field, I aspire to pursue a Ph.D. in network security. This summer, I am honored to have been awarded the prestigious One College Undergraduate Scholarship, which provides me with an invaluable opportunity to conduct research alongside Dr. Nima, a renowned expert in the field. My research will focus on the detection of anomalies in 5G networks using learning-based algorithms, a critical area in the context of emerging technologies. I aim to share my insights and research findings with the broader community, fostering a deeper understanding of network security challenges and advancements. And I believe it will be an incredible experience for me.


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