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Our ambition at BDIC is to produce, academically excellent, intellectually flexible, culturally literate and globally engaged graduates with excellent English language skills, who are internationally employable.

As a BDIC student you are pursuing two degrees, one from UCD and one from BJUT. At BDIC you will enjoy an international education and curriculum, with European and Chinese influences, an English learning environment, quality lectures and course materials, and first class academic support and administrative services.

To ensure you fulfil your potential and enjoy a positive learning experience at BDIC we have the following expectations of you;

  • Attendance at seminars
  • Good time management
  • Follow your degree programme schedule as timetabled
  • Adherence to the BJUT, UCD and BDIC rules and codes of conduct
  • Abide by examination regulations and procedures
  • Read around your subject areas
  • Engage in class activities and discussions
  • Engage widely in university extracurricular activities