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BSc Financial Economics

BSc Financial Economics

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Financial Economics is a degree programme that gives students a solid understanding of the financial decision-making processes that shape the word around us. From regular people making decisions about what to do with their time or what to spend their money on, to business executives making decisions about which products to sell and how many people to hire, to government ministers making decisions on providing public services and setting tax levels, people make economic decisions all the time. Economic forces, such as globalisation, changing technologies, international recessions and banking crises also have a huge influence on the everyday lives of ordinary people. An advantage of this program is that during the first two years of instruction, students receive twice as much English language exposure than is currently required by the Chinese educational system.  Admission to the BDIC BSc Financial Economics degree is competitive and requires excellent English proficiency.

Zuzanna Studnicka, Programme Director, Financial Economics

I am highly committed to academic teaching. My teaching philosophy is to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation and technical skills coupled with real world-applications and critical thinking. I try to encourage creativity in order to increase students' performance and prepare them for work and advanced degrees. I am happy when students are comfortable speaking up, either during lectures or via the discussion forum on Brightspace.