About the Iveagh Fellowship Programme

The Department of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with Saothar, is running the Iveagh Fellowship Programme for a sixth year to assist Irish third level students to identify and participate in high-quality internships in international policy organisations. Five Iveagh Fellows will be selected by an Expert Panel of Irish Professionals working in international affairs. Fellows will be assigned financial and mentorship support to help secure internships at internationally recognised organizations. The Fellowship is targeted at students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Each institution, including University College Dublin, can nominate two students for the Fellowship. The Expert Panel will then select five Fellows from the list of nominees. All nominations must be made through the designated UCD liaison: Sophie Carey (Sophie.carey@ucd.ie).

Application closing date: before 5pm on Monday 22nd January 2024.

Pictured are 2023 recipients; Alanna Grogan, UCD Sutherland School of Law and Connor Stack, UCD School of Politics and International Relations.

Fellows will be awarded €6,000 and will be assigned a mentor who will advise them on their internship search strategy. Fellows will not be directly placed in organisations by the programme and are responsible for identifying and securing their own internships. Funding will be transferred to fellows upon successfully securing an internship. Internships must last at least 8 weeks.  Fellows are strongly encouraged to pursue in-person internships, but exceptions will be accepted to allow for remote-work in exceptional circumstances. 

Fellows are expected to behave in a professional manner during all times when engaging in the commitments of the Fellowship, including when communication with the DFA, Saothar, and their mentor as well as when representing the Iveagh Fellowship during their internship search and placement.

Fellows are expected to find an internship within 18 months of being awarded the prize.  Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

The Fellowship is intended to support students from the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in careers in international policy, including work in international development, human rights, and humanitarian work. All students with genuine interest in international policy are welcome to apply, regardless of field of study.

Fellows are encouraged to actively seek out opportunities in these areas by applying to internship programmes and reaching out directly to organisations’ staff to learn about opportunities. Fellowship funds cannot be used to support internships in profitmaking institutions except in exceptional circumstances and only where a clear public good can be demonstrated. The Department of Foreign Affairs must approve of all internships before transferring funds. 

Those applying for awards must be all of the following at the time of application:

  • Irish citizens
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate (Diploma, Masters) degree programme in an Irish university

People who receive university accreditation for internships are encouraged to apply.

In awarding Fellowships, the Expert Panel will take into consideration a broad set of candidates’ qualities. These include:

  • Genuine interest in pursuing a career in policy and/or policy research, as demonstrated by previous work experience, extra-curricular activities or other experiences.
  • Clear communication of what the Fellow hopes to achieve through the Iveagh Fellowship award.
  • Evidence of taking initiative in professional, academic, or extracurricular work, detailed in the candidate’s CV or statement of purpose.
  • Demonstrated teamwork skills and ability to work collaboratively, as indicated by past academic, professional or voluntary experiences.
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively.
  • Comprehensive writing and editing skills.
  • Track-record of academic excellence, supported by a reference letter from an academic faculty member.
  • Candidates might wish to include any experience with statistical software.


How to Apply:

Submit the following files by email to sophie.carey@ucd.ie

Clearly state in the email title: Iveagh Fellowship Programme (Your Name)

Submit before 5pm on Monday 22nd January 2024.

Late applications will not be accepted.

And attach the following files:

Each nomination should include the following application materials:

  1. One-page CV

A one-page CV or résumé highlighting the nominee’s academic achievements and any relevant extra-curricular or professional experience.

Files should be titled candidatename_university_cv

  1. Statement of purpose

A statement of purpose briefly describing the nominee’s reasons for applying for the Fellowship as well as their suitability. This should cover the nominee’s internship goals and how they connect to his/her career aspirations. It should also provide evidence of capacity to work well.

Files should be titled candidatename_university_SOP

  1. One reference letter from faculty member

Reference letters should attest to your academic achievement ability, career motivation of the candidate, and good character of the nominee.

Files should be titled candidatename_university_ref

  1. Writing Sample

For 2024, candidates are requested to send a short writing sample. This is ideally a piece of academic writing, such as a policy brief or short essay. Where possible, samples should not exceed 2,000 words in length.

Files should be titled candidatename_university_wsample



While there is no formal list of approved institutions, the following list of institutions may help applicants consider their opportunities:


World Bank Group

United Nations

International Monetary Fund

European Union

Brookings Institution

Chatham House

Amnesty International

International Committee of the Red Cross

Human Rights Watch

International Labour Organization

World Health Organization

Plan International

Overseas Development Institute

World Food Programme

International Organization for Migration

International Rescue Committee

CARE International

Oxfam International

Asian Development Bank

African Development Bank