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Build Your Skills

Employers are seeking students who can demonstrate the skills required for success in the workplace. These include leadership, commercial awareness, communication and emotional intelligence.


What You Need to Know

Recruiters identify the skills and competencies required to successfully perform a particular job. Candidates are then asked questions, in application forms and at interview, that assess their capability relative to these skills and competencies.

To prepare for this you need to reflect on the skills and competencies that you possess and be ready to articulate how you have developed them and how they relate to the employer’s requirements.


There are lots of opportunities for you to develop your skills, for example internships and Summer/ part-time jobs.

You could also do some voluntary work or participate in one of the development programmes offered by UCD Careers Network. Find out more below.


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Adrianna's Story

"Getting involved in extra-curricular activities has been fantastic for self-development, meeting new people, and making my CV unique for employers...It’s so important to develop your skills and abilities outside of the academic context – it will give you an edge as you move into the world of graduate recruitment!"

Adrianna Keenan, Bachelor of Business & Law