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UCD Advantage Award

Are you engaged in co-curricular activities? Get recognition from UCD for the skills and experience you are gaining!

What is the UCD Advantage Award?

The UCD Advantage Award is your chance to get recognition from UCD for skills, knowledge and experience that you have gained through participation in co-curricular activity, on and off campus. Whether you are part of a society or sports team, volunteer your time with a charity or have done a Summer internship, UCD wants to acknowledge your contribution and development.

What's in it for me?

  • The UCD Advantage Award gives you formal acknowledgement by UCD of your engagement in co-curricular activities during your time at university. You will be presented with a certificate at a celebration ceremony and the award will be recorded on your Diploma Supplement. You can list achievement of the UCD Advantage Award in the “Achievements” section of your CV.
  • Sometimes students find it hard to articulate their strengths. It’s great that you are a Peer Mentor, but do you know how to communicate the value of this to a potential employer in your CV/application or at interview? Working in your UCD Advantage application will really help with this.
  • Participating in the Awards encourages you to expand the breadth of your co-curricular activity, to get involved in things that you may not have considered previously. This opens up a world of opportunity in terms of meeting new people, experiencing new situations and developing a whole host of new skills.
  • Finally, we know you are not doing these things simply for recognition but sometimes a “well done” from your university is nice. What you are doing is important, in lots of ways. Let UCD show you its appreciation.

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Here's what your fellow students have to say about UCD Advantage:

"Being recognised by your university for extra-curricular activities is so important. It helped me to explain in my Master's interview examples of leadership, teamwork and organisation skills as a member of a UCD Society"

100% of students would recommend UCD Advantage to fellow students.

91% of students felt more confident in articulating their skills as a result of achieving the UCD Advantage Award.

Find out how you can sign up for UCD Advantage here!