UCD sports clubs are at the centre of student sport at the University. The Athletic Union Council (AUC) is the governing body for UCD sports clubs and all clubs are affiliated to the AUC. Clubs provide a huge range of opportunities to train, play and compete in sport, no matter what your passion, ability or level. Although competition is a feature of many of the sports at UCD, clubs also cater for students who may not wish to compete but want to train in a particular sport for the health and fitness benefits. Whether you want to try out a new sport or continue training in a sport you are already familiar with, UCD sports clubs invite you to get involved and have fun. You can join most sports clubs at any time throughout the year and the majority of the clubs organise new member and/or introductory training sessions.

#GetInvolved in Clubs this Year at UCD 2022/23

Getting involved in a sports club is an ideal way to keep fit, learn a new skill, meet people with similar interests, as well as provide a welcome break from academic life. UCD sports clubs are for the most part student-run and student-led, so you can play your sport and if you wish also lead and develop your club. With 54 sports clubs to choose from, ranging from team sports, adventure sports, water sports to martial arts, there is something for everyone!

So make the most of your time in UCD and get involved. Involvement in UCD sports clubs will ensure that your time at UCD is an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

Training sessions at the UCD wall after a tiring study day with great music, helpful people, and scaling the wall a couple of times, is probably the best way to complete your day. You have never climbed before? No problem, you will always have a committee member waiting to help. If you are brave enough to wake up early on a Sunday morning, hiking through some of the best mountains in Dublin and Wicklow will definitely be worth the reward of breath-taking views. Strangers that turn into friends, support stronger than the best ankle protecting hiking boot and passion towards future adventures together; that’s what makes UCDMC the best club in UCD!

Marie Gehrig, UCD Mountaineering Club (Erasmus Student 2018-2019)