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Running Your Club

Running Your Club

First of all congratulations on being elected / nominated to the committee of your club. You have stood out from the crowd, stepped forward as a leader and are about to start an unforgettable journey running your UCD club. You will do things you never thought possible, challenge yourself beyond belief, make friends for life and develop skills you never knew you had. You will find loads of resources on this site that will help you in running your club.  

Don’t forget to complete the Club Officer Training in September and read the Club Operations Manual. At all times remember that the Athletic Union Council and UCD Sport staff are here to help you, please reach out to us if you need to. 

To be part of a sports club committee in UCD it is a requirement to read, agree to and to submit the Code of Conduct For Sports Club Committee Members by 13 October 2023. 

AUC Club Operations Manual

The AUC Club Operations Manual outlines the policies and procedures that, when followed, will help sports club committees with the day to day running of their club. View the full document below or to easily access this information we have also divided the manual into section links. 

AUC Club Travel Policy and Travel Form

From September 1st 2023 please fill out the online Travel Form below or it can be accessed via Travel Form 2023/2024. Prior to September please use the Travel Form from 2022-2023.

General Forms, Guidelines & Club Information

Some other documentation that will assist you in running your club includes the AUC Committee Handover guidelines, the Club Locker Key Nomination Form, and AUC Social Media Policy.  Where your members are representing UCD in competition they are asked to complete (at least 7 days) the Advanced Verification of Sporting Representation form and submit to UCD Sport before it is submitted to the relevant academic staff member.

Have a news story you want to share with UCD Sport? Use the below Google Form to share your story with us.

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