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Athletic Union Council

Athletic Union Council

Athletic Union Council

The Athletic Union Council (AUC) is the governing body for UCD sports clubs and all clubs are affiliated to the AUC. Established in 1909/10 the AUC functions as a funding, regulatory, arbitration and Colours awarding body. It consists of two representatives from all affiliated clubs, one graduate and one student.

Current President of the Athletic Union Council (known popularly as the ‘AUC’) is Prof. Pat Guiry, Vice-President is Ms. Emma Jane Dunne.   The Hon. Treasurer is Mr. Colm Condon and the Hon. Secretary is Prof. Catherine Blake.  The Student Vice President is Ms. Shauna Fitzsimons (Men's Boat).  The election of the five officers takes place at the AUC AGM at the end of September/early October. 

These officers are joined by 11 elected representatives of the UCD sports clubs, the Executive Secretary, Ms. Suzanne Bailey, the Director of Sport (Ex-Officio) and the Director of Student Services, Mr. Dominic O'Keeffe on the Executive Committee. 

The 2023/24 Sports Clubs representatives elected at the AUC General Meeting on 12 October 2023 were:

  • Sean Barron (GAA)
  • Loran Patchell (Table Tennis) 
  • Faith Molloy (Karate) 
  • Davin Cronly (Archery)
  • Bori Akinola (Athletics)
  • Elizabeth Ryan (Ladies Boat) 
  • Daragh Gilbourne (Men's Rugby)
  • Paikea Doesburg (Mountaineering)
  • Henry Start (Windsurfing)
  • Elon Mitchell (Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Murray Baker (Men's Basketball)

Correspondence for the attention of the AUC Honorary Secretary can be sent to auc@ucd.ie.

What We Do

What We Do

The mission of the AUC is to: "Act as a representative and support body in assisting UCD clubs to ensure the highest quality sporting opportunities for all students to engage in sport and physical activity at the level to which they aspire while enabling them to achieve their full potential."

The main functions of the AUC are:

  • Promote and develop club sport within UCD.
  • Allocate finance received annually from the University to UCD clubs.
  • Provide a support function to clubs committees, in terms of management training, advice on organisational matters, event management, sponsorship, finance, safety etc.
  • Manage and organise promotional / recruitment activities and events for UCD clubs e.g. publications, website, Sports Expo, Refreshers Day, Sports Awards etc.
  • Provide a point of contact for all interested parties.
  • Award Colours according to specified standards laid down.
  • Ensure an arbitration and disciplinary service is available to all UCD clubs when required.
  • Act as a lobby group on behalf of clubs to maximise available resources.

In addition, the AUC acts as a regulatory body ensuring that all clubs operate in accordance with the policies and procedures of the AUC, the University, National Governing Bodies of sport and the statutory agencies. Full details of the AUC's policies and procedures are provided in the AUC's Club Operations Manual.

The vision of the AUC is that "All UCD sports clubs, by being sustainable, accessible and excellent, will meet the changing needs and expectations of the student population in UCD." 

AUC Strategic Plan

AUC Strategic Plan

The AUC recently produced its (opens in a new window)UCD AUC Strategic Plan. The year 2020 marks five years since the formulation of the last Strategic Plan and significant progress has been made across the core pillars at the heart of the plan since 2015.

Following consultation with sports clubs, the AUC will focus on 6 key strategic pillars for the duration of the plan.

  1. Representation
  2. Participation
  3. Volunteerism & Support Services
  4. Governance
  5. Management Elite Athlete Development
  6. Communications

UCD AUC Sports Awards

The AUC Sports Awards ceremony is held every summer to honour the sportsmen and women who bring honour and prestige to the University by their achievements on the sporting fields and arenas of Ireland and abroad. Teams or individuals winning nationally recognised titles or intervarsity trophies are honoured at the function as well as students who receive national or representative honours. 

The AUC Sports Awards have been in place for more 25 years and throughout that time we have been delighted to award some amazing athletes such as GAA star Rena Buckley, Olympians Ciara Everard and Mark English, Dublin Football star Jack McCaffrey and Irish Rugby International Josh Van Der Flier.

More Info

AUC Sports Awards Role of Honour
Year Sports Person of the Year Administrator of the Year
2023/2024 Eve McMahon (Sailing) Ciara Douglas (Archery)
2022/2023 Israel Olatunde (Athletics) Louis Hemeryck (Tennis)
2021/2022 Darragh McElhinney (Athletics) Tim Gilsenan (Tag Rugby)
2020/2021 Colm Whelan (Soccer) Shauna Fitzsimons (Boat)
2019/2020 Lena Tice (Hockey) Callum Terry (Karate)
2018/2019 Shane Mulvaney & David O'Malley (Boat) Sam Totterdell (Tennis)
2017/2018 Katie Mullan (Hockey) Tadhg O'Leary (Tag Rugby)
2016/2017 Paul O'Donovan (Boat) Eddie McLoughlin (Judo)
2015/2016 Josh Van Der Flier (Rugby) & Jack McCaffrey (GAA) Alice O’Callaghan (Rugby)
2014/2015 Mark English (Athletics) Not Awarded
2013/2014 Shauna O'Brien (Swimming) Darren Doherty (Karate)
2012/2013 Martin Mulkerrins (Handball) Emma McHugh (GAA)
2011/2012 Ciara Everard (Athletics) Dermot Sheridan (Boat)
2010/2011 David Neale and Finbar Manning (Boat) Steven O’Reilly (Pool & Snooker)
2009/2010 Gerard Barron (Soccer) Megan Tennant Humphreys (Hockey)
2008/2009 Lisa Jacob (Hockey) John Lancaster (Rifle)
2007/2008 Dean Cobbe (Equestrian) Jason Brooke (Boat)
2006/2007 Rena Buckley (Football & Camogie) Martin Ryan (Equestrian)
2005/2006 Deirdre Corcoran (Camogie) Jim Devlin (Snowsports & Sailing)

Along with UCD Societies and the UCD Students Union, students also have the opportunity to be nominated for a President’s Awards for Excellence in Student Activities.

The Athletic Union Council joins the Students Union and the Societies Council to make up the Student Activities Committee, which is chaired by Prof. Jason Last. This is the "umbrella body" which oversees the allocation of capitation funds to the various areas of student activities, including sport and it also provides an opportunity for clubs and societies, as well as the Students Union to air their views on matters relevant to student life. 

The official UCD playing colours are St. Patrick's Blue and Saffron (commonly interpreted as 'light' or 'Dublin' blue and amber). These colours were first adopted by the AUC in 1910, and replaced the brown, green and yellow of the Catholic University. Strangely in the early years, the Soccer Club continued to wear black and white. The Hurling Club wore saffron and green while only the Rugby Club complied with the new colours sporting blue and saffron hoops. Nowadays, modern sportswear design incorporates the St. Patrick's Blue and Saffron with more fashionable effect. A number of clubs prefer to choose their own distinctive colour combinations, together with the official UCD logo, rather than stick to the traditional colours.

All clubs affiliated to the AUC have public liability cover.  The AUC also has in place personal accident cover for sports club members engaged in sporting activities with their UCD clubs. Club members should be aware that this policy is designed to provide a basic limited cover for medical expenses in the event that they are injured whilst engaged in sporting activities with their UCD club and an excess applies. It is not a health insurance programme and it does not cover any loss of earnings or surgery costs that may be incurred following any injury. Students are strongly advised to consult the terms and conditions of the cover to ensure that it is adequate for their needs.  Details of the insurance cover and claim forms are available from the Executive Secretary. UCD Rugby players should note that they are covered under a separate policy arranged by the UCD Rugby Club.

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