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Current Projects

To date the Centre has received over €10 million in EU funding to enhance the investigation and prevention of cybercrime across multiple sectors. Some current projects are described below. Contact us if you would like to work with us.

INSPECTr - Intelligence Network and Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer

In September 2019, CCI began work on the EU H2020 funded INSPECTr project. The goal of INSPECTr is to deliver a shared intelligent platform for gathering, analysing, prioritising and presenting key data to help in the prediction, detection and management of crime. The platform will consist of national level technologies connecting into a European level platform to enable the cross-correlation of evidence and more effective and successful resolution of cybercrime. Read more...

FREETOOL – Free Forensic Tools for the Law Enforcement Community

UCD CCI has been home to the FREETOOL project since 2013. Now on its third round of funding, the project has developed a range of free forensic tools tailored to support specific LEA requirements in digital investigations and analysis. Read more...

ILEAnet - Innovation by Law Enforcement Agencies networking

ILEAnet is a practitioner network, focused on Research & Innovation and a community of individuals sharing and collaborating. Recognising that LEAs share similar challenges (terrorism, organised cross-border crime, cybercrime, migration) and have similar needs for knowledge and understanding, ILEAnet creates a platform for them to exploit innovations together, discover new solutions and best practices, provide mutual assistance. Read more...

CYCLOPES - European Network of Practitioners Fighting Cybercrime

The upward trend in cybercrimes represents an increasing threat to public security and citizen safety. Due to the complexity of cybercrime, EU law enforcement agencies (LEAs) require innovations from industry and academia. The EU-funded CYCLOPES project will build and maintain an innovation-driven network for LEAs against cybercrime, creating synergies between LEA, industry and the scientific community. Read more...

Gardaí First Responder Training

ECTEG and UCD-CCI have developed a Digital First Responders course which CCI delivered to over 200 Garda Detectives during 2020. We are proud to be part of the ongoing commitment by An Garda Síochána (Irish Police Force) Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau to achieving excellence through continued education. Read more...

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