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UCD CCI has been home to the FREETOOL project since 2013. Now on its third round of funding, the project has developed a range of free cybercrime investigation tools tailored to support specific LEA requirements in digital investigations and analysis. Nine tools have been developed by a community of skilled developers and expert users including volunteers from law enforcement from 12 countries in Europe. Tools are developed in partnership with law enforcement, and are freely available to the law enforcement community. The tools cover the phases of an investigation from pre-search Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) to Live data forensics, Memory Analysis, post-search OSINT and online resource preservation, Network-based evidence triage and automated file/artefact retrieval and forensic reporting, as well as intelligent encryption detection, media processing and geolocation of artefacts and media comparison with cross-case media matching. The current FREETOOL 3 project (2019-2021) consolidates and builds on the work to date. 1500 users from 54 countries have signed up for access to the tools, which have also been adopted at an organizational level by several LEAs, and have been used in high-profile investigations.


The project’s goal is to address the need for customised tools, developed by LE for LE and to make them available for free, mindful that budgetary restrictions are common-place. One objective was to form a community of skilled developers to develop, update and support the tools, and to then to harmonise and enhance the outputs.

This project was funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police

Project ID: FREETOOL v3.0
Reference ID: 821947

For further information contact freetool@ucd.ie

You can self-register at thefreetoolproject.eu using your law enforcement email account if your law enforcement agency's domain has already been white-listed.


The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) hosted a FREETOOL showcase on Wednesday 26 January 2022 which featured presentations on the project and tools.

Freetool '21 Testathon

150 International Law Enforcement Attend First FREETOOL Testathon (April 2019)

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