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24 March - Silvia Panizza Lecture


Because of the closure of all higher education facilities and activities in Ireland for the rest of the month of March in response to the CoVid-19 health emergency, this public lecture has been cancelled. The information below remains for archival reasons.

Tuesday 24 March

Dr Silvia Panizza (UCD)
Topic: Paying Attention


We are distracted creatures, and nowadays perhaps more than ever. Various
techniques urge us to pay attention to feel better. But can attention
be morally good? Aren't there good and bad kinds of attention, and good and bad
objects of attention? And what does it really mean to attend or to give attention in
an ethical manner? In this lecture I will explore these questions drawing on Dublin -
born philosopher Iris Murdoch, and with examples from various fields, including
environmental ethics and medicine.


Dr Silvia Panizza is Teaching Fellow in Ethics at the UCD School of Philosophy. She
was previously Lecturer in Ethics at the Norwich Medical School. She gained her
doctorate from the University of East Anglia in 2016 with a thesis on Iris Murdoch
and the importance of attention in morality.

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