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Professor Mr Liming Wang 30 April 2024

2024 International Chinese Language Day Special Event

IICS Public Lecture Series / 55th Confucius PhD Forum (in Chinese / 中文讲座)


Speaker: Professor Liming Wang, Director of Irish Institute for Chinese Studies and UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland

Language: Chinese

Time: 6-7pm, Tuesday 30 April 2024

           7.30pm, Complimentary Chinese Dinner

Venue: 004 Theatre, UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland

            Please register (opens in a new window)here if attending in person
            Hybrid Event, click here for zoom (opens in a new window)link  

As a special event of the International Chinese Language Day celebration, we are fortunate to invite Professor Liming Wang, Director of the Irish Institute for Chinese Studies, and the Confucius Institute at University College Dublin, to present a public lecture titled "A New Answer to the Needham Question: Language, Mathematical Thinking and Brain Function."

Professor Wang will share and explore the differences in language, the various modes of mathematical thinking, and the complex relationship with brain function. This aims to reveal how differences in human language affect our cognitive thinking and the correlation with the development of science. We look forward to an evening filled with challenges to wisdom, insights into culture, and reflections on science.

Please join us for the lecture on Tuesday, April 30th, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Free Chinese dinner will be provided after the lecture. Don't miss this opportunity to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas with leading figures and intellectuals in academia.

Whether you are a language enthusiast, someone curious about the scientific realm, or interested in cognitive science, this lecture promises to offer a fresh perspective on the power of language in shaping our understanding of humanity and the world.

Professor Liming Wang currently serves as the Director of the Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at University College Dublin (UCD) and the UCD Confucius Institute. Outside of UCD, Prof. Wang is the President of the Academic Committee of the Global Lecture Series on the Chinese Economy, the Secretary-General of the Chinese Economic Association in Europe, and a Haiju Chair Professor at the School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Technology. In April 2012, he was named one of "The 60 Most Powerful People in Ireland" by the Sunday Independent. He served as a Non executive Board Director of Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd (2011-2014), a Co-Editor (2014-2021) for the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies and has been a Topical Advisory Panel Member for Energies (since 2021). His primary research interests are in the Chinese economy, development economics, energy economics, financial contagion, agricultural and food economics. He has published ten books and journal special issues, as well as over sixty journal articles.

British scholar Joseph Needham, in the process of compiling his massive "Science and Civilisation in China," proposed the famous "Needham Question": Despite significant contributions to human technological progress in ancient China, why did modern science not arise in China? This question has garnered hot debates and numerous answers since it was first raised in 1964. This study attempts to address the "Needham Question" from a fresh perspective, exploring the inherent correlation between language, mathematical thinking, and brain function. Based on the differences in the impact of Chinese (tonal and pictographic script) and Western languages (alphabetic writing) on brain language function characteristics, the study investigates the influence of different languages on mathematical thinking patterns, as well as brain neural mechanisms and structure, aiming to reveal the relationship between human language, cognitive thinking, and scientific development.

爱尔兰中国研究院公共讲座系列/ 第55届孔子博士论坛






王黎明教授,现任都柏林大学爱尔兰中国研究院及孔子学院院长。全球中国经济大讲堂学术委员会主任,欧洲中国经济学会秘书长,北京工业大学经济管理学院特聘海聚教授。2012年4月,被爱尔兰主流媒体《爱尔兰独立报》评为“爱尔兰最具影响力的六十人之一”。曾任美思能再生能源公司的独立董事(2011-2014) ,国际期刊《Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies》的编辑(2014-2021),现任国际期刊《Energies》的专题顾问(2021至今)。主要研究领域为中国经济、发展经济学、金融传染、能源经济及农业与食品经济。现已出版十部专著及国际期刊专刊,六十余篇学术论文。