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Security and Networks

Security and Networks

Sub topics:

  • Digital Forensics
  • Information Security

Computer Security is the science of preserving the integrity of information or digital artefacts as well as protecting computer systems from damage or malicious attacks. Much of the information that we store in computer systems or send across computer networks can be exploited by others, so it is necessary to control access to it. Information Security works to make sure that information is kept intact and that it is accessible by authorised persons when needed. The context for Information Security research can be cyber systems or cyber-physical systems. In cyber-physical systems, security breaches can occur through any physical object which is connected to the system. Sometimes security breaches are not concerned with accessing private data, but with disrupting the functions of a computer system. Many hacking attacks attempt to interfere with the workings of a cyber or cyber-physical system, either as a malicious act or to facilitate a crime. For example, a cyber-physical system which controls the access to a building might be attacked in order that a burglary might be committed. 

Conversely, Digital Forensics works to uncover information that people - often criminals - are trying to hide. Digital Forensics helps law enforcers to find digital artefacts or information or to trace criminals in such a way that the results can be used in legal proceedings. It can also involve the design and development of computer systems in such a way that evidence of any unauthorised use of them can be found and recorded.

Associated Staff

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