Centre for Canadian Studies - Modules

Craig Dobbin Professor Modules:

Semester 1 2017-18: ENG10190 Introduction to Canadian Studies 

Module Description:

Introduction to Canadian Studies is taught by the Craig Dobbin Professor, and acquaints students the fundamentals in their approach to the study of Canada. Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary field, and this module looks at social, cultural, and political developments in Canada, historically and in the contemporary moment.  


Semester 2 2017-18: ENG31740 Narratives of Migration: A Literary History of Immigration, Emplacement, and Displacement in Canada

Module Description:

Narratives of Migration: A Literary History of Immigration, Emplacement, and Displacement in Canada examines the effects of migration and subsequent attempts at emplacement as seen through the eyes of Canada’s writers, both First Nations/Indigenous writers and those who are in Canada as a result of immigration. It will also look at attempts at cultural sovereignty (from the nationalistic 1960s to the more globally minded present) as exemplified by various trends in Canada’s publishing world and in the government strategy pertaining to that world. Assessment for this course will be determined by a combination of class attendance and class participation (50%) and the grade received for the paper which will be due at the end of term (50%.)