2016 Dublin James Joyce Journal (Volume 8: 2015)

Chrissie Van Mierlo

‘Greedo!’: Joyce, John MacHale, and the First Vatican Council from ‘Grace’ to Finnegans Wake

Robert Baines            

Time and Space: The Opposition of Professor Jones in Finnegans Wake I.6

Terence Killeen          

From Notes to Text: The Role of the Notebooks in the Composition of Finnegans Wake

Daniel Ferrer              

From Tristan to Finnegan: A Re-Telling

Dirk Van Hulle          

Textual Enactment: The Cognitive ‘rivverrun’ and ‘Fluid Text’ of Joyce’s ‘Anna Livia Plurabelle’

Finn Fordham, Robbert-Jan Henkes, and Erik Bindervoet

Announcing: An Emended Finnegans Wake with Full Explanatory Apparatus: A Sample of Pages 3—9



Viviana Mirela Braslasu

‘Why, Mr J. and his God alone know!’: Joyce and Lewis Carroll

Vivien Igoe                

Joyce’s Use of Lists


UCD James Joyce Research Centre Events 2015:

Caitlin McIntyre        

‘Living Texture’: A Review of the Dublin James Joyce Summer School, 6-11 July 2015


Essay Abstracts