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Film Studies

Wednesday, 7 July, 2021

Film Studies is offered as a joint-major subject in the BA Arts and is also offered on two BA Humanities pathway programmes: BA Humanities English Drama and Film and BA Humanities Music Film and Drama.

BA Arts Subject Combinations with Film Studies (DN520)

Students can study Film as a Joint Major Subject in combination with the following subjects:

English  Latin Art History 
History  Celtic Civilisation  Irish Folklore
Drama Studies  Irish Studies  French 
Linguistics  German Music 
Greek  Spanish Greek & Roman Civilisation

Module Information 

The below information is indicative, and for more current options, please visit UCD's Course Search site.

Film Studies introduces you to the most influential art form of the twenty-first century incorporating artistic, cultural, economic and technological dimensions. It concentrates on developing a critical engagement with all aspects of the production and reception of films, and of an understanding of their role and contribution to world cultures. You will study both classic and contemporary cinema, read writers and commentators on film from a variety of backgrounds, and learn to think and write about film. Perspectives on Film I and II provide an overview of developments in the art, culture and technology of film. Numerous modes of cinematic expression are analysed, and students are introduced to the concepts and critical vocabulary of cinema.

Students will enrol in two Core modules:

Autumn: FS10010 Introduction to Film and Media

Spring: FS10020 Introduction to Film and Media Theory

Further credits may be chosen from the following list:

Autumn: FS10060 Cinema Creatives 

Spring: FS10050 Media & Globalisation: Places, Cultures and Identities in a Connected World 

Spring: Doing Film History 

Students should take 5x5 credit modules for a total of 25 credits.

Students will choose modules from the list below:

Autumn: FS20140 Irish Cinema & TV

Autumn: FS20160 Genre: Action/Adventure

Autumn: FS20200 Horror 

Autumn: FS20210 Women's Authorship in American Cinema 

Spring: FS20130 History of Television 

Spring: FS20150 Documentary and Society 

Spring: FS2018 Global Bollywood 

Spring: FS20190 Screen Comedy 

In Stage 3 Students will choose two 10-credit option modules from the option list: 

Autumn: FS30170 Whiteness, Ethnicity & US Culture 

Autumn: FS30180 Alternative & Independent Cinema 

Autumn: FS30220 Wellness & Happiness Media 

Autumn: FS30250 Feminist Media Studies 

Spring: FS30190 Animation 

Spring: FS30200 21st Century Television 

Spring: FS30230 Cinema & the City: New York 

Spring: FS30260 Sports Documentaries 

There is also the 5-credit module:

Autumn: FS30240 Digital Media Cultures