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Guidelines for staff

Guidelines for Faculty & Staff

The following general guidelines apply to all expense claims:

  • Expense claims should be submitted on the basis that no unnecessary or non-essential expenditure is claimed.  Claims should always represent value for money for the University and claimants should alway seek to minimise costs rather than claim the maximum level of expenditure permitted by University guidelines.  This principle should be followed in respect of all expense claims and should be self-evident to claimants.
  • Claimants should follow the claim checklist before emailing their claim to their authoriser who should then forward the claim to the Expenses Team at (opens in a new window)expenses@ucd.ie if approved. Contact the Expenses Team if you are in doubt about whether a cost can be reimbursed.
  • All costs incurred should be validly incurred business costs with no private element.
  • Expense claims should be submitted as close as possible to the date of expenditure. The cut-off date for submission of expenses is twelve months after the date of the expenditure but it is expected that all claims will be submitted on a timely basis.
  • The submission of false or exaggerated expense claims is a serious matter which may lead to disciplinary action being taken by the University. In addition, the University auditors, under the Criminal Justice (Theft & Fraud ) Act 2001, are required to inform the Garda of any cases of fraud, irrespective of value, which come to their attention.

New Expenses Forms below:

Travel Expenses Claim Form -ERR Version

Non Travel Expense Form

Staff Expenses Advance Form




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