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Staff may request a travel expenses advance by completing and submitting the authorised excel form.  Please refer to the Advances section of the (opens in a new window)UCD Travel Policy for further information.

In requesting an advance, the proposed travel dates and expected costs to be incurred should be detailed on the form.  The amount payable is limited to 75% of the expected costs of the trip.  When submitting an advance claim, there is no need to submit additional evidence or vouched receipts, but a fully vouched settlement claim must be submitted within two weeks of completion of travel.

Staff advances are closely monitored and should be kept to a minimum at all times.  Requests for advances should reflect the likely level of expenditure which will be incurred within the short-term rather than providing a long-term float for a staff member.

Advances will normally be issued up to two months before a trip but requests for longer term advances will be considered in some cases.  On occasion, it may be more appropriate to make a number of smaller advance claims rather than one claim covering a long period.

In cases where an advance is issued but the planned trip does not take place, the funds should immediately be returned to the Finance Office.

On return, having received an advance, staff must submit a balancing expense form even when no further monies are claimed.  A period of two weeks from the date of return is allowed for staff to submit the authorised excel form with receipts. 

After that period additional claims for travel expenses will not be paid until the form has been submitted in respect of a trip for which an advance was claimed. 

Email reminders will be sent each month to staff who have advances outstanding past the settlement date and no further expenses will be paid until such advances are cleared.

The Finance, Remuneration and Asset Management Committee has confirmed that unsettled advances can be recovered as a deduction through the university payroll.  It is expected that this measure will be used as a last resort and that all advances will be settled on a timely basis.

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