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Checklist before submitting your claim

Checklist before submitting your claim

  • Complete the expenses form available on the Finance Office website, or the Advance form if appropriate.

Staff Expenses Claim Form

Staff Expenses Advance Form

  • Your name and personnel number must also be noted in the subject line of the email when submitting your authorised claim form for payment.
  • Ensure your personnel number and UCD email address are clearly detailed on the claim form.
  • Detail the expenses being claimed on a line by line basis on the claim form or attach a summary schedule detailing all costs claimed to the form. Ensure the total Euro amount claimed is clearly stated in the box provided.
  • Attach all invoices/receipts to the claim form backing up each expenditure line. Explain any unusual or out of the ordinary costs being claimed.
  • Back-up documentation confirming the purpose of any trip undertaken should be attached to the claim form. This can be in the form of conference attendance certificates, meeting agendas, emails confirming appointments, etc.
  • If you are claiming subsistence, ensure the dates and times of travel are clearly detailed in the relevant spaces and that the basis of calculation is clearly detailed (i.e. detail the rate being claimed and the number of days/half days). See Subsistence rates - Ireland & U.K. and Elsewhere.
  • Review your claim to ensure it is legible, accurate and consists only of valid business expenses. Private costs should never be claimed. If you are in doubt about whether a cost can be reimbursed, please contact the (opens in a new window)Expenses team before you submit your claim.
  • Sign and date the claim form to confirm that all expenses have been validly incurred by you as part of your UCD role.
  • Name should be fully legible so there is absolute clarity over who is authorising the claim.
  • E-mail your completed form and documentation to your authoriser for approval. Once they have approved your claim, they should forward it to (opens in a new window)expenses@ucd.ie for processing.
  • Payment will be made within ten working days.  If forms are received incomplete or further information is needed to process a claim an email will be sent to the email address you provided outlining the problem.

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