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Reporting to Revenue of Expenses paid to employees

Reporting to Revenue of Expenses paid to employees

Revenue- Enhanced Reporting Requirements

From 1 January 2024, under Revenue’s new Enhanced Reporting Requirements, University College Dublin must report to Revenue totals of all travel expenses paid to employees under the following four categories:

  • Travel vouched
  • Travel unvouched
  • Subsistence vouched
  • Subsistence unvouched

The information on travel expenses must be submitted by employers to Revenue via ROS on or before the expenses are paid to employees. The totals of the travel expenses paid to each employee will then be detailed by Revenue in the Expenses and Benefits Section of each employee’s Revenue My Account page.

This means that, from 1 Jan 2024, Revenue will be advised of all travel expenses paid to UCD employees immediately before the expense payments are transferred to an employee’s bank account. There is no requirement for an employer to submit details of any non-travel expense payments and these will be excluded from Revenue returns.

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