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Conference Allowance

Conference Allowance 

Certain university faculty and staff (detailed in the (opens in a new window)Conference Allowance Policy) are entitled to a conference allowance. The standard conference allowance is €1,400 over a two year period. The current period runs from 1 October 2022 to 30th September 2024.

Faculty and staff entitled to a conference allowance, who join UCD during this period are entitled to a pro-rated allowance. i.e. a staff member joining on 1 Oct 2021 will be entitled to a conference allowance of €700.

Staff members who wish to query whether they are entitled to a conference allowance should contact (opens in a new window)UCD HR.

The main purpose of the allowance is to allow faculty and staff attend conferences or other training and personal development events, it is not a general spending allowance. The allowance can be used for training courses or educational fees but not items of expenditure such as pc's, laptops or other consumables. The allowance cannot be transferred to other individuals or used to fund general expenditure.

The allowance is claimed through the submission of the standard expense claims The Conference Allowance charge code box should be ticked to indicate the claim is to be charged to your conference allowance (there is no need to detail a charge code).

Staff may review their conference allowance history and remaining balance through Infohub (Human Resources/My Details/Conference Allowance).

Please refer to the UCD University Governance Document Library to download a copy of the (opens in a new window)Conference Allowance Policy.

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