Thesis Preparation & Submission

The final examination of a candidate for a Research Masters or PhD degree is based on the explanation of the candidate’s research in a thesis describing the context, nature, methodology and outcomes of the research, prepared in accordance with international norms.


  • You will prepare your thesis under the direction of the Principal Supervisor and with the support of your Research Studies Panel. Please liaise with both on your thesis
  • The Thesis Submission Guidelines outlines the process for preparation, submission, processing and examination of graduate research degree theses. The Theses in Graduate Research Programmes Policy identifies the responsibilities of each party within the University with respect to the preparation, submission, processing, examination, and dissemination of graduate research degree theses.

See Thesis Submission Dates

Submission of Thesis for Examination

  • You must be a fully registered student and not owe any fees at the time when your thesis is submitted for examination.

You may submit your thesis in 2 ways:

1.  via the UCD eThesis System: please see here for further information. 

Through the system, you will be able to submit your thesis electronically, verify authorship and programme compliance, and track progress through all stages of the examination process.

2. via hard copy: (note:subject to restrictions due to COVID-19: please see FAQ for further info

You submit to the Student Desk in the Tierney Building as many soft bound copies of the thesis as there are members on your Examination Committee. There are usually three people on the Examination Committee i.e. internal examiner, extern examiner and the Chair of the Examination Committee. The members of your examination committee are listed on the "UView - Student Enquiry" Screen on your UCD student SIS Web account under the heading "Other Advisors". The theses must be accompanied by a completed Research Degree Examination Form signed by both you and your Principal Supervisor (download  Research Degree Examination Form /access here in our Documents & Files).

Submission of Final Thesis

Following the viva voce examination for PhD students and once you have the approval of the internal examiner that you have met the requirements of the Examination Committee you follow these steps:

  • Step 1: produce a hardbound copy of your thesis
  • Step 2: the Internal examiner will sign the Thesis Correction Sign Off Form to confirm that all the necessary corrections have been completed to the satisfaction of the examiners
    • eThesis submission: no corrections sign-off form needed with hardbound thesis 
    • Traditional submission: corrections sign-off form needed with hardbound thesis
  • Step 3: you submit the hardbound thesis to the UCD Student Desk with the signed Thesis Correction Sign Off Form (note: subject to restrictions due to COVID-19: please see FAQ for further info