Fundamentals of Research Supervision at UCD

Fundamentals of Research Supervision at UCD - Online Course

The Fundamentals of Research Supervision at UCD is an online course in Brightspace which has been designed specifically for UCD academics who are starting supervision, or, for those more experienced, who want to remain contemporary in their research supervisory practice. This interactive programme frames UCD’s research supervision ethos, navigates the structure of the UCD PhD and identifies key supports, regulations and international best practices, in the pedagogy of research supervisory practice.

How to get access

  • Book your place to the Fundamentals of Research Supervision Brightspace online course via the UCD Booking Centre below.

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Your enrolment to Fundamentals of Research Supervision at UCD online course will be completed within the next 24 hours from the moment you receive this confirmation, as booking information is transferred to Brightspace within specific timeframes during each day. 
  • To check if your enrolment is completed, you will need to log into Brightspace.
  • To log into Brightspace, go to UCD Connect page and click on the relevant tile,
  • Click on the Explore tab in the blue navigation bar at the top and search for Fundamentals of Research Supervision at UCD course using the search box
  • Click on the course to access it.

How to complete the course

The programme contains 5 sections, and it should take you approximately 2hrs to complete. Your progress through the programme will be saved as you go. Once the course content is completed, you will be requested to complete a quiz. You can access the quiz by clicking on the Assessment tab on the top and choose Quizzes from the drop-down menu.

You will be presented with 5 questions, and you will need to achieve 80% correct answers to complete the quiz successfully. Upon successful completion of the quiz, a certificate of completion will be issued. You will receive an email alert to log into Brightspace and Generate your Certificate. A copy of this will be downloaded on your computer. Please keep this file for your records.

Further Optional Resources

There are further resources for supervisors to help you consider and frame your current supervisory practice in light of completing the online course. These questionnaires are optional and not a requirement to get the certificate of completion. You also have the option to submit feedback for the course that will be taken into consideration for future improvements.

Download PDF version: Fundamentals of Research Supervision at UCD – Brightspace Guidelines Document

Please contact Ioanna Galeadi ( or Elizabeth Crean ( at UCD Graduate Studies if you have any further questions.