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Launch of UCD AI Healthcare Hub and Seed Funding Opportunity

Launch of UCD AI Healthcare Hub and Seed Funding Opportunity

Posted 20 May 2024

The launch of the UCD AI Healthcare Hub on 15th May 2024 marked a significant milestone at the intersection of technology and healthcare. This momentous event underscored the crucial role of networking and infrastructure in supporting innovative healthcare solutions.

The event commenced with a dynamic 'Meet the Leadership' panel discussion. Professor Patricia Maguire, Director of the UCD Institute for Discovery, set the tone by emphasizing the pivotal role of academics in leading the AI revolution. She also addressed the need for critical evaluation of AI and the environmental impact of generative AI technologies.

One of the most compelling concepts discussed was 'augmented clinical decisions.' The recognition that AI can never replace clinicians in the diagnostic process but can support and enhance clinical decisions was refreshing. Additionally, AI's potential to empower patients in managing their health and improving health literacy was highlighted as a significant advancement.

Key Insights from the Leadership Team:

  • Professor Brian Caulfield emphasized the crucial collaboration between data scientists and domain experts. He reminded attendees that "AI is not magic and data scientists are not magicians," underscoring the importance of jointly evaluating model outputs with the principle "good data in = good analysis out."
  • Professor Gerardine Doyle passionately addressed the need to reduce healthcare inequalities and prioritize patients. She stressed the importance of analyzing data related to health disparities to gain a better understanding and address these issues effectively.
  • Professor Peter Doran discussed the transformative advancements in clinical trials over the past five years. He explained how smarter trial designs now enable patients to serve as their own controls, greatly enhancing the precision and efficiency of clinical research.
  • Professor Fionnuala Ní Áinle expressed her enthusiasm about the UCD AI Healthcare Hub's capacity to unite diverse disciplines and perspectives to leverage AI for societal benefit. She highlighted the hub's potential to improve patient safety, reduce errors, increase positive outcomes, enhance diagnostics, and prevent tragedies resulting from human error.

Groundbreaking Projects and Seed Funding

Ana Le Chevillier, the manager of the new hub, presented an overview of the cutting-edge research already underway. Highlights included the AI PREMie project and the #THORAX initiative, a new disruptive technology fund focused on sepsis research. These projects underscore the hub's commitment to driving AI-driven translational research towards tangible benefits for patients.

In addition to these exciting projects, the event also saw the announcement of a UCD internal seed fund designed to support cross-disciplinary research aimed at enhancing patient safety and outcomes. This seed funding opportunity, with a closing date of June 15, 2024, is set to foster collaboration and innovation within the UCD community, providing crucial financial support for pioneering research initiatives.

For more updates and information on the UCD AI Healthcare Hub, follow #UCDAIHealthcareHub on social media and stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities to engage with this exciting initiative.

If you have yet to join this community of practice, please contact Tara Byrne at (opens in a new window)tara.byrne@ucd.ie.

By: Kasia Gaughan, Project Manager for Health Affairs

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