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To submit an assignment on Brightspace, click on Assessments, Assignments and then click on the relevant assignment. Click Add a File to upload your document and then click submit. For further instructions, see here. Please allow extra time before the deadline to submit an assignment - especially if you are not familiar with the system. Brightspace also includes an originality/similarity check. Urkund is UCD’s originality/similarity checking or plagiarism prevention tool in Brightspace. It is developed by Ouriginal. It is called originality checking as Urkund compares text in student assignments with the text in documents in its archives to see if there are any matches. It is up to the lecturer to determine whether any such matches constitute plagiarism. The Urkund archive includes all UCD submissions (including those imported from SafeAssign), student submissions from other participating universities, material publicly available on the world wide web and a wide range of academic databases and journals. More information about Urkund can be found here.