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Graduate Diploma in History

Graduate Diploma in History


The Graduate Diploma in History is a one year (full time) or two year (part time) 60-ECTS credit degree programme, taught within a friendly and dynamic environment. 

The programme is targeted at students who wish to progress to further study, or who wish to develop key transferable skills vital to many and diverse careers.

It is designed for

  • students coming to history from a non-cognate subject
  • those who, for whatever reason, may not have lived up to their potential in their BA
  • those returning to education after a long period of absence

We value and promote a strong work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and the importance of independent learning.  These values are instilled within a robust but friendly and supportive environment, with a particular focus on encouraging an awareness of broad historiographical trends and the development of the skills required to assess and analyse different forms of primary evidence. 

A key feature of the Graduate Diploma Programme is that students who perform strongly in the first semester can apply to be transferred to the MA. The MA is completed within the same academic year.  

For more information, please feel free to contact Professor (opens in a new window)Sandy Wilkinson


Research Project

Renaissance Europe


Origins of Modern Diplomacy

Approaches to Middle Ages I & II

Global Revolutions

Landscape and Environment in Ireland, 1500 to 1800

Dangerous and Deviant

De Valera's Ireland

A Global History of Refugees

Historiography and Historical Debate in Twentieth-Century Ireland

The learning environment stresses the importance of resesarch, critical and analytical thinking, and of making informed challenges to prevailing ideas, interpretations and approaches.  Small group seminars are vital to the programme's design; it is here, in a very structured and active learning environment where students hone their ability to present, defend and question historical knowledge.  The learning trajectory is supported through the use of weekly research journals, presentations, essays and book reviews.  The taught elements of the programme are intended to build and develop the skill set and confidence of learners to equip them to undertake the research project. 

The structure of the Diploma is as follows:

Semester 1

  • 4th level core course, Renaissance Europe 10 Credits
  • 3rd Level Option (subject to availability), 10 credits

Semester 2

  • 4th Level Core Course, Making History Documents 10 Credits

In addition to the taught courses, students will also work on a Graduate Research Project over the course of semester 1 and 2. This Project will be worth 30 credits. The Research Project will normally be a dissertation of 8,000 words including footnotes but excluding bibliography and appendices.

For more information and to apply, please follow this link.