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Academic Research Areas and Publications


Dr Marguerite Barry (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Digital communication for health and wellbeing; Ethics in human computer Interaction and AI; Positive computing

Marco Bastos 

Dr Marco Bastos (Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow)

Research Interests
Substantive Areas of Interest: Algorithmic governance; Communication science; Computational social science; Critical data studies; Disinformation; Misinformation; Network science; Social media and politics; Social media platforms; Social networks
Methodological Approaches: Computational methods; Exponential random graph models;Large scale data mining; Machine learning; Social network analysis; Spatial analysis; Qualitative methods; Rstats; Text as data; Time series analysis; Topic modelling

Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan (Associate Professor)

Research Interests
My research investigate how design impacts aspects of user experience and user behaviour in social and collaborative interactions with technology. I have a passion for statistics and evaluation methods, specifically the use of controlled experiment design to gather insight into human-computer interaction issues. My recent research looks at the impact of speech interface design on linguistic behaviours and perceptions of system communicative competence. This work uses theory from psycholinguistics to examine how aspects in interaction affect user experiences and language choices, informing how we build future speech interfaces. I also have expertise in technology mediated behaviour change, in particular how to design and develop interventions to break and change habits.


Dr Amber Cushing (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Digital preservation and cultural heritage;  Information behaviour; Personal information management

Elizabeth Farries

Dr Elizabeth Farries (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Data retention and protection; Digital identities; Digital policy; Gendered safety online; Human rights; International intelligence sharing; Law; Pandemic technologies; Policing surveillance technologies; Secure and private online communications; Social justice

crystal fulton

Assoc Prof Crystal Fulton (Associate Professor)

Research Interests
Digital literacies and digital citizenship; Information and social behaviour and communication of people in work, everyday, and leisure contexts; Media literacy; Metacognitive learning design in university education; Qualitative research practices

Dr Stefanie Havelka (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Human-computer interaction related to privacy and security in ubiquitous computing; digital literacies (including information and mobile literacy); equity, equality, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in LIS theory and practice; critical librarianship; metadata in knowledge organisation.


Dr Páraic Kerrigan (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Critical data studies; Gender, sexuality & digital cultures; Equality, diversity & inclusion; Media industries; Technology

 Susan Leavy

Dr Susan Leavy (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Artificial intelligence ethics; Cultural analytics; Language technology and society; NLP; Trustworthy AI

Dr Lai Ma (Assistant Professor)

Research Interest
Critical information studies; Research policy; Information infrastructure; Scholarly communication

Dr Claire McGuinness (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Digital and blended learning; Information and digital literacy; Library and information science and practice; Media literacy and information disorder; Professional LIS education and training; Reflective practice

Prof Kalpana Shankar (Professor)

Research Interests
Research evaluation/research practices; Information infrastructures

Prof Eugenia Siapera (Professor)

Research Interests
AI; Digital media, platforms, and platform governance; Digital politics and policy; Digital racism and misogyny; Digital systems and social justice; Gender and race; Media, journalism, and democracy

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