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Our Values

Our Values

Our staff and students have studied and worked in many countries and  our ways of working represent this academic and personal diversity. We include solo research, small groups, larger teams with other staff in ICS, at UCD and beyond in our research repertoire. Our needs vary with respect to internal and external funding with notable success in national and international funding bids from Irish and European funding agencies, foundations, and the private sector. Our research has a significant impact on academic knowledge transfer and exchange, public communication and engagement, government and enterprise policy and quality of life both nationally and internationally.  We publish and present in a range of national and international venues that include conferences, peer-reviewed publications, policy reports, and scholarly blogs.

Through our research, our school is committed to the following core values: 

  • The importance of our research to education
  • The importance of our research for the wider society
  • An inclusive, respectful approach
  • Participation in a global community of research and education
  • Widening research participation
  • Adopting a critical research framework
  • Ensuring transparency, ethics and accountability

Our staff and students share a further commitment:

  • To support and honour different ways of conceptualising, conducting, evaluating, and disseminating research 
  • To diversity, equity, and inclusion both in the content of our research and our approach to its conduct
  • To provide opportunities for students from undergraduate through to early career postdoctoral researchers to participate in research projects, mentoring them through the multiple processes involved 
  • To advocating for broader ways of thinking about research impact 
  • To a shared critical approach to information and communication technologies and their increasingly important role in our individual lives and collectively in society.
  • To support evidence-based policy-making and policy evaluation in some of the many spheres of influence we inhabit

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