Tionól Gaeilge UCD 27 June- 1 July 2022

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Tionól Gaeilge UCD 27 June-1 July '22

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International Summer School

Tionól Gaeilge UCD 2022 will run 27 June to 1 July 2022 The theme of the 2022 Tionól is: 'The Irish Language in a Sustainable Global Society' This 1- week international summer school, is aimed at adults in Ireland and abroad who are interested in the Irish language and in Irish culture. It will also suit students, both in Ireland and abroad, who are studying Irish as a subject or undertaking an Irish Studies Degree. Below, the English-language events are in the purple-shaded boxes:

English-language talks are shown in mauve

  • "Coming from a foreign country, I appreciated the opportunity to speak a lot in class. I found there was a good balance in the course ... the accommodation was also excellent." - Matthew Tran-Adams
  • "The summer school was a great experience, with superb quality teaching and very informative lectures in the afternoons ... I would highly recommend it to anyone, whether Irish or not." - Dominic Lawson
  • "The standard far exceeded my expectations and introduced me to many aspects of Irish poetry and literature. Fascinating introduction to music, dance and song, loved the dancing lesson!" - Anne Keirnan