Please note that the spelling of a word in Irish is influenced by the context in which it is used (the words it is preceded by and its place in a sentence). Should you have any query please contact the Gaeltacht UCD Office:

Translation Resources

Gaeltacht UCD coordinates the University’s Irish language translation service and advises all UCD schools, centres and units on the design and layout of Irish language and/or bilingual publications, signage and stationary, in accordance with the Official Languages Act. The centre provides a database for UCD buildings, schools and colleges, and offers a service for pre-recorded oral announcements. Please note that costs for translations not already in the Gaeltacht UCD database are covered by individual schools/centres/units. Gaeltacht UCD will coordinate the professional translation and proof for consistency in house style.

All translations should be forwarded in word format to for an estimate.

Irish Speaking Employees

A directory of UCD employees who are fluent in Irish or who welcome the opportunity to converse with students and colleagues in Irish

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Courses for UCD Students and Staff

Gaeltacht UCD provides Irish language courses for those who wish to learn or improve their Irish. All Gaeltacht UCD teaching materials are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) guidelines.‌ It is important to register early for the courses to ensure that you are allocated a place. The following courses are available only to current UCD students and staff. 

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