School Office

Key Functions

Situated on the third floor of the UCD Health Sciences Centre, the School Office is our back-of-house, academic-facing administrative unit which supports those functions that are most efficiently managed in a centralised manner.  Queries from current and prospective students are managed in the first instance through the Health Sciences Programme Office.  The School Office is responsible for all external communication (alumni, accreditation, affiliations, media, etc), managing our international relations and supporting strategic development initiatives.

The School Office interfaces with individual Section-specific support teams and liaises with College and other University functions.  This arrangement allows the delegation of functions to individual academic sections or subjects whilst providing an efficient School response to internal and external queries. 

Alumni Relations

The School Office seeks to maintain an enduring connection with our graduates and alumni within Ireland and across the globe.

Through their individual career progression within leading academic centres around the world, our alumni establishes the School's international reputation.  They form an extensive network of connections which assist our current students by facilitating elective exchange opportunities and which provides wise counsel to the School through strategic engagement.

The School Office works with the UCD Medical Graduates Association to support an annual reunion event which re-connects past students with their alma mater.

School support to alumni relations is lassisted by the School Office team as required.


Room C310, Third Floor
UCD Health Science Centre
Belfield, Dublin 4
T: +353 1 716 6560

Budget & Finance

The School's budget and finance activities are supported by Ms Ann McGinely (College Accountant) and Mr Paul Harkin (Director of Strategic Development).  Annual School and Section budgets are developed based on the School's staff plan and our programme intake projections. 


With over 250 staff, 300 associated staff and 2,000 students deployed across nine principal locations and many other associated sites, maintaining effective communications is a significant challenge.

The School Office is responsible for managing the School's award-winning website, for developing marketing collateral and for coordinating School-wide events.

Communications, Media and Public Relations is managed by the School's Communications Manager (post currently vacant)





Education Development

The School's education development activities are led by Associate Professor Suzanne Donnelly (Associate Deane, Programmes and Educational Innovation) and Ms Carol Lynch (Programme Manager, Strategic Projects). 

Education development activities engage a large number of academic, professional and technical staff across the School and are guided by the School's Teaching & Learning Strategy Group.

Education development activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Accreditation & Quality Reviews
  • Assessment Review
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Clinical Tutor Induction & Academic Staff Mentoring
  • New Programme Development
  • Patient & Advocate Centred Education
  • Programme and Module Review
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning

Administrative support to the Associate Dean and her Education Development Team is provided by Ms Zoe Thompson. 


Programme Manager

 Senior Executive Assistant

Ms Carol Lynch  Ms Zoe Thompson
Room C325, Third Floor,
UCD Health Science Centre,
Belfield, Dublin 4.
T: +353 1 716 6677
Room C325, Third Floor,
UCD Health Science Centre,
Belfield, Dublin 4.
T: +353 1 716 6655


Human Resource Management

The School boasts a complement of over 165 academic staff, 230 funded research investigators and an adjunct faculty comprising some 350 hospital consultants and over 300 junior doctors in training. School staff are based at nine locations on the Belfield campus, at our affiliated teaching hospitals and across our clinical training network.

School Office support to Human Resource Management is led by Ms Kasia Gaughan with the assistance from Ms Manon Tissier. 


School Office Manager     

Executive Assistant     

Ms Kasia Gaughan Ms Manon Tissier
Room C310, Third Floor,
UCD Health Science Centre,
Belfield, Dublin 4.
T: +353 1 716 6605
Room C310, Third Floor,
UCD Health Science Centre,
Belfield, Dublin 4.
T: +353 1 716 6603


International Medicine

The School coordinates its formal international activities through our International Team.  Led by the Dr Patrick Felle (Associate Dean for International Relations) and Ms Margaret Tiuchta (International Relations Manager), this team works closely with the academic leaders of various internationally-focused programmes, the UCD Health Science Programme Office, UCD International, and UCD Alumni Relations.  Administrative support to the Associate Dean and the International Relations Manager is provided Ms Una Fitzgerald. 


Ms Margaret Tiuchta

International Relations Manager

Room C141, Third Floor,
UCD Health Science Centre,
Belfield, Dublin 4
T: + 353 1 716 6388


Strategic Development

Strategic development initiatives, strategic planning and business development activities are managed by Mr Paul Harkin, Director of Strategic Development with support from the School Office and our Communications Office.

The School routinely undertakes consultations with staff and other stakeholders to inform our strategic planning priorities which are presented in the School's strategic plan document.

Other School development initiatives (e.g. programme development, organsiational development, affiliations and partnerships, external accreditation, etc) are also coordinated through this function,

Contact the Team


Ms Kasia Gaughan

School Office Manager

+353 1 716 6605
Ms Alice O'Donnell Senior Executive Assistant  +353 1 716 6632
Ms Manon Tissier  Executive Assistant  +353 1 716 6603


Specific Function Leads

Mr Paul Harkin Director of Strategic Development +353 1 716 6607
(currenty vacant) Communications Manager  +353 1 716 6673
Mr Adam Tatterall Technology-enhance Learning Manager +353 1 716 6436
Ms Carol Lynch  Project Manager, Strategic Projects +353 1 716 6677


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