Visiting Speakers Spring 2020

UCD School of Philosophy Invited Speaker Seminars, 2019-2020, Spring Trimester

All events take place at 4pm in the Agnes Cuming Seminar (D520), Newman Building, UCD, unless otherwise noted.






23 Jan 2020

Ainsley Le Sure

Occidental University, USA

Democracy and the Project of Racial Equality

Antoine Athanassiodis

13 Feb 2020 *

Rico Gutschmidt



Transformative Experience in Skepticism


20 Feb 2020

Tereza Matejckova

Charles University

Hegel’s Concept of Personal Difference


5 March 2020

Jens Timmerman

St Andrew’s

Kant’s Conception of Happiness


26 March 2020

Philipp Rosemann

Maynooth University

The Creative Word:
Reflections on the Augustinian Episteme



Matthew Vanderkwaak

9 April 2020

Beate Rössler

University of Amsterdam

On Being Human in a Digital World



23 April 2020

Lois McNay

Oxford University

The Incompatibility of Formalism and Negativism: On Rahel Jaeggi’s Critique of the Forms of Life

Clémence Saintemarie


* Please note change of date and speaker!

Visiting Speakers Autumn 2019

UCD School of Philosophy Invited Speaker Seminars, 2019-2020, Autumn Trimester

All events take place at 4pm (D101), Newman Building, UCD, unless otherwise noted.




12 Sept 2019

Richard Bourke


"History and Normativity in Political Theory’


26 Sept 2019

Paul Lodge


10 Oct 2019

Carola Freiin von Villiez


24 Oct 2019

Ursula Renz

“Three Accounts of Laws and Time: or Does Science Need Metaphysics?”

7 Nov 2019


Peter Verovšek


"Public Intellectuals in the Democratic Public Sphere"

21 Nov 2019

Julia Borcherding







Previous Visiting Speakers

Invited Speakers Autumn 2018 – Venue D522 unless otherwise stated


13 September Philip Kitcher,
Columbia University
Truth to be Told: Understanding Truth in the Age of Post-Truth Politics
Venue & Time: UCD Humanities Institute, Room H204, 5:30 pm
20 September Tsarina Doyle,
NUI Galway
Nietzsche's Philosophical Naturalism
27–28 September Keynote Speaker: Jacqueline Broad,
Monash University
Agency in Early Modern Philosophy Workshop
Venues: NUI Merrion Square (Thursday 27th) and D522 (Friday 28th)
Website, Registration
1 October Keynote Speaker:
Steven Savitt,
University of British Columbia
Time and Time Again: A Workshop on Time
Venue: NUI Merrion Square
4 October Jonathan Tallant,
Nottingham University
There is No Such Thing as Presentism
5 October Jonathan Tallant and Daniel Deasy Masterclass on Timelessness
11 October Tuomas Tahko,
University of Bristol
Special Science Laws and Higher-Level Kinds
25 October Andreas Mogensen,
University of Oxford
Meaning, Medicine, and Merit
9–10 November Invited speakers include:
Sandra Laugier, University of Paris 1; Davis Archard, QUB; Cara Nine, UCC; Heike Felzmann, NUI Galway
Irish Philosophical Society 2018 Annual Conference in collaboration with the UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life
Venue and other details: tba
15 November Pauline Kleingeld,
University of Groningen
Kant's 'Republican' Conception of Freedom of the Will
16 November Workshop with Ian Kidd,
Nottingham University
Empathy, Illness and Vulnerability Workshop,
22 November Sam Ben-Meir,
Mercy College, New York
Ethical Interanimality
7–8 December Invited Speakers include:
Gail Weiss, Thiemo Breyer, Tim Mooney, Italo Testa, Ed Casey, Felix Ó Murchadha, Tanya Staehler
Habit and Social Experience


Invited Speakers Spring 2018 – Venue D522 unless otherwise stated

1 Feb           Lorna Finlayson, University of Essex 

"I'm not with stupid": false consciousness stories for a post-Brexit age 

8 February     Emily Thomas, Durham University Travel Writing as Thought Experiments: Science, Francis Bacon, and Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World 

15 February     Tom Rockmore, Peking University
Aspects of Marx's Dream 

22–23 February Agnes Cuming Lecturer: David Charles,
How to avoid the mind body problem: Aristotle's way
Venue: NT2

1 March      Andreas Mogensen, Oxford University
Should you let one drown to save a greater number through donations? 

7–9 March A Conference on Animal Ethics
The Value of Sentience: Empathy, Vulnerability and Recognition Venue: Ardmore House, UCD 

8–9 March International Conference - Philosophical Perspectives on Contemporary Ireland

29 March Claudine Tiercelin, College de France 

Why pragmatism entails realism 

5 April Anik Waldow, University of Sydney 

Locke on Persons as Agents 

12 April      Pauline Kleingeld, University of Groningen CANCELLED
Kant’s ‘republican’ conception of freedom of the will 

19 April      Antonio Nunziante, University of Padova Sellars and the Phenomenological Root of the “Given”: Farber, Husserl and the naturalization of phenomenology 

4–5 May Dublin Graduate Conference 

Dialogues in Philosophy Details: TBA 


Autumn 2017 Visiting Speakers Series

21 September
Prof Stelios Virvidakis, University of Athens
Topic: Living well and Having a Good Life: Interpreting the Distinction

28 September
Dr Irene McMullin, University of Essex
Topic: The Intersubjective Conditions of Normative Agency

12 October
Dr Kenneth Pearce, Trinity College Dublin
Topic: Ideas and Explanation in Early Modern Philosophy

19/20 October
'John Dewey and Critical Philosophies for Critical Political Times'
Venue: UCD Humanities Institute
Registration is essential.

26 October
Book Symposium with Prof Édouard Machery (Pittsburgh)
Time: 15.00
Venue: Agnes Cuming Seminar Room, D522, Newman Bldg
***Please note the new date and venue.***

26 October
Prof Ruth Sonderegger, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Topic: Who is the subject of aesthetic education? Some remarks on Kant and Schiller

27 October
Workshop with Prof Édouard Machery (Pittsburgh)
'Evaluating Methods of Inquiry'
Programme Machery Workshop
Poster Machery Workshop
Time: 9.30-18.00
Venue: UCD Humanities Insitute

9 November
Distinguished Lecture in Consciousness & Embodiment
Prof Dan Zahavi, University of Copenhagen
Topic: Collective intentionality and plural pre-reflective self-awareness
Venue: A109, Newman Bldg

16 November
Irish Young Philosopher Awards

23 November
Conference: 'The Ethics of Vulnerability'
Launch of UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life
Venue: Ardmore House, UCD

14 December

Workshop: '‌Frontiers of Phenomenology'

The workshop is free and open to the public, but registration is required.

To register, please email: