Visiting Speakers Autumn 2017

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will run from 5.00 (sharp!) to 6.30 pm, and be held in the Agnes Cuming seminar room, D522 of the Newman building, UCD campus. Admission free, everyone welcome.

21 September
Prof Stelios Virvidakis, University of Athens
Topic: Living well and Having a Good Life: Interpreting the Distinction

28 September
Dr Irene McMullin, University of Essex
Topic: The Intersubjective Conditions of Normative Agency

12 October
Dr Kenneth Pearce, Trinity College Dublin
Topic: Ideas and Explanation in Early Modern Philosophy

19/20 October
'John Dewey and Critical Philosophies for Critical Political Times'
Venue: UCD Humanities Institute
Registration is essential.

26 October
Book Symposium with Prof Édouard Machery (Pittsburgh)
Time: 15.00
Venue: Agnes Cuming Seminar Room, D522, Newman Bldg
***Please note the new date and venue.***

26 October
Prof Ruth Sonderegger, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Topic: Who is the subject of aesthetic education? Some remarks on Kant and Schiller

27 October
Workshop with Prof Édouard Machery (Pittsburgh)
'Evaluating Methods of Inquiry'
Programme Machery Workshop
Poster Machery Workshop
Time: 9.30-18.00
Venue: UCD Humanities Insitute

9 November
Distinguished Lecture in Consciousness & Embodiment
Prof Dan Zahavi, University of Copenhagen
Topic: Collective intentionality and plural pre-reflective self-awareness
Venue: A109, Newman Bldg

16 November
Irish Young Philosopher Awards

23 November
Conference: 'The Ethics of Vulnerability'
Launch of UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life
Venue: Ardmore House, UCD

14 December

Workshop: '‌Frontiers of Phenomenology'

The workshop is free and open to the public, but registration is required.

To register, please email: