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Irish Philosophical Club

Irish Philosophical Club

Over the past fifty years the Irish Philosophical Club (IPC) has hosted an annual international philosophy conference featuring both well-known international speakers and recently appointed academics from both Northern Ireland and Ireland. The conferences have taken place thanks to the generous support of Irish universities such as University College, Cork; Queens University, Belfast; University College, Dublin; and Trinity College, University of Dublin.  For more information please contact James Levine or Alison Fernandes, TCD ((opens in a new window)jlevine@tcd.ie(opens in a new window)alison.fernandes@tcd.ie), Joel Walmsley, UCC ((opens in a new window)j.walmsley@ucc.ie), Joseph Diekemper, QUB ((opens in a new window)j.diekemper@qub.ac.uk), or co-treasurers Dan Deasy or Jim O’Shea, UCD ((opens in a new window)daniel.deasy@ucd.ie, (opens in a new window)jim.oshea@ucd.ie).

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